To all the governments of the world and supranational organizations,

The INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF MIGRANTS AND ANTI-RACIST ORGANIZATIONS AND COLLECTIVES #PapersForAll demands immediate, permanent and unconditional regularization for all migrants and refugees in this time of a global pandemic and health emergency. In addition, we demand that this regularization guarantees full access to all rights, in equality with the rest of the people who inhabit the different territories and countries of the world, including the immediate cessation of deportations in order to enjoy them without fear.

The struggle of migrants and refugees is more urgent than ever. Today, despite the lock down to contain COVID-19, we continue the fight for our rights and dignity, and we appeal to all governments and relevant authorities to respond to our demands for an integral, inclusive and humane world.

We declare that we have a right to move countries to reclaim the wealth that our work has created. Governments and corporations have looted our home countries, for centuries, and that theft continues today, causing war, starvation and ecological devastation.

As people deprived of liberty in detention centers, as migrants and refugees, as people without papers who are denied labour rights, as grassroots campaigners in the global anti-deportation movement, we raise our voices and demand justice for:

+ All who migrate leaving their loved ones and communities behind and face destitution, exploitation, detention and deportation in the countries we come to for safety.

+ Those who died trying to cross seas, mountains, deserts and borders.

+ The survivors of rape and other torture, wars and ecological devastation.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed, once again, that migrants and refugees suffer terribly from the disastrous effects of austerity policies of neoliberal governments, especially those of us who are undocumented. Migrants are doing the essential work on the land, in health care and in our communities, yet we are denied our basic rights. Women, especially mothers, do the survival caring work that protects and holds together families and communities. Some migrants have been granted temporary status to meet the needs of the agricultural and other labour markets but face exploitation and are deprived of minimum conditions of health and safety at work.

We cannot face violence and the COVID-19 virus on an equal footing, without recognition of our rights, due to deeply racist and neo-colonial Immigration Laws. It is impossible to confine ourselves if we are deprived of income, and excluded from basic and fundamental rights such as medical care, housing and food, all these circumstances make our lives precarious and threaten our dignity. Given this capitalist and patriarchal system, many of us choose sex work and other unregulated work as a survival strategy.

We refuse and resist this exploitation, discrimination and abuse. We call on all governments of the world and international organizations to grant #PapersForAll #RegularizacionYa to asylum seekers, those in detention and all undocumented migrants.

Finally, we call on all immigrants with and without papers, grassroots organizations, social, women’s, human and land rights movements, anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalists, anti-racists, to join our demand for #PapersForAll and campaign for our regularization and rights in the countries where we live.

#PapersForAll #RegularizacionYa

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