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Welcome to LT Arts  Book/Album Form! If you have any questions, let me know.
Please be reminded of the following:

*If for some reason you do not get a response from me within 3 days of filling out this form, please send me an e-mail
- if we exceed the limited amount of changes in the package. You will be automatically upgraded to the next advanced package.
- I use your concept as a basis that we can brainstorm on and make a little tweaks to it so the cover will come out in the most professional and original light.
- If you have the stock images already on hand , send me an email with them to

Package information is here:
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Deadline of Project (If there is one)
What kind of design will this be? *
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So I can invoice you
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Book Blurb (If ordering full cover design)
Please put the blurb you want on the back of your book here.
Your ideas for the cover *
For example: I want a blonde young woman with glowing red eyes. I prefer at least a couple ideas for your cover. Please be specific.
Background of the cover *
For example: I want a dark foggy forest.
Stock images you'd like to use? (if any)
You can get stock photos from Or For example: I' like to use this model (link) on this background (link). If you already bought the images please e-mail them to
What feel and elements do you want your cover to have?
Any color schemes you'd like to try out?
Any font in particular for your cover?
Any cover examples? (links)
This is just to show me what type of covers fit your taste. I only use these examples as a form of inspiration.
Page count of the book (only for packages that include the full wrap)
This is to generate the spine width of your cover. If you don't know your page count yet we can adjust it later on.
Dimensions of the Book? (Only for packages that include the full wrap)
For example: 6x9, 5x8 etc. We can do this later on too.
By hiring me to create your custom design do you agree to my Terms of agreements? *
You can find my Terms of Agreements here please read!
How did you find out about me?
Example: Facebook,, or persons name who recommended me etc.
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