Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2019 - Registration for New Ultimate Imperial Feast – The Food Design Workshop 微波國際新媒體藝術節2019 - 《新滿漢全席》- 食物設計工作坊
New Ultimate Imperial Feast – The Food Design Workshop
Kuang-Yi Ku & Adelaide Lala Tam
《新滿漢全席》- 食物設計工作坊
顧廣毅 X 譚君妍

16/11/2019 (Sat 六)

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall

此活動是由顧廣毅與譚君妍(Adelaide Lara Tam)的共同創作《新滿漢全席》所延伸而成,兩位創作者會先以演講的方式,與觀眾分享《新滿漢全席》的創作理念。接著工作坊將以《新滿漢全席》中所建立的設計方法為基礎,創作者會帶領參與者針對數個以瀕危生物當材料的料理進行重新設計。透過介紹前端生物科技的觀念,以及導入推測設計(Speculative Design)、食物設計(Food Design)等等批判設計(Critical Deisgn)的方法,兩位創作者與參與者將共同研究與設計,結合新興科技的未來料理,並以此作為反思現今環境問題的起始點。

This workshop is an extension of their work New Ultimate Imperial Feast. The artists will first elaborate the concept of the project, followed up a workshop on redesigning several dishes with endangered animals in Man Han Quan Xi (滿漢全席). With the critical design methods including bioengineering, speculative design, food design, the two artists will research and design with participants to create future food with the latest technology and reflect on the roots of the contemporary environmental issues.

Number of Participants: Max 20 ppl (4 to 5 in a group)

Duration: Around 2.5 hours

Conducted in English, supplemented by Cantonese & Mandarin

Free admission. Limited seats available. Reservation required.
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