2017 PDX-CSA Application
A thorough summary of the PDX-CSA program can be found at the bottom of this page under the heading 'What is PDX-CSA?'

If you already understand the program, continue reading here; otherwise, scroll down to the bottom of the page first to read the summary and then return here.

There is no fee to apply for or participate in the CSA.

There is currently no deadline to apply; proposals will be reviewed on a regular basis and artists will be contacted as needs arise.

PDX-CSA will be acting as your agent in the sale of your art for this program, and we will take a 25% commission. This commission will pay for marketing and general overhead. When we offer a discount to Collectors that discount comes out of our commission.

With exception to the first two questions, you may fill out this form over multiple sessions. To do so, click the 'Submit Form' button; this will take you to a 'Your response has been recorded' page. Click the 'Edit your response' link; this will take you back into the form, at which point you can either bookmark the page or copy the link from the address bar.

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Do you believe you can create up to 12 works of art in the $100 to $300 price range during the allotted 3 months?
Do you believe you can collaborate with us on marketing your project, including but not limited to promoting on social media, attending events, writing at least one blog entry, and creating a proof-of-concept piece?
What kind of projects are we looking for?
We don't have an inherent aesthetic - we like quality work and interesting concepts whether they are abstract, figurative, or functional and whether they are ceramic, oil, or steel. We want each season's projects to represent a range of styles and media, so if you work in more than one style or media you are welcome to submit more than one project concept. We will also be looking for a range of prices, so if your project could be different prices depending on the size, then please include those options.
Please describe your project. Summarize what your project will be, who/what it will feature, in what kind of style, and any additional information you think might be helpful.
We understand that projects can sometimes change from their intent once they are actually begun; however, your description of your intended project is a major part of how we will decide which artists will participate, so please take your time in considering your project.
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In what media will it be executed?
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What size will each piece be?
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Will each piece be unique or will they be a multiple?
Fully unique. Unique by variation. Multiples of one work. Multiples of more than one work.
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What amount will each piece be priced?
Must be a number between $100 and $300, and all pieces must be the same price.
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If you have images that are similar to your proposed project or will help us understand your intent, please provide a link to images here or e-mail them to kristin@pdx-csa.com.
If you are creating work that is wholly different from anything you've done before, that's fine - but do direct us to an image representative of your style. If you would like to provide any commentary on the linked image and how it relates to the project, you can do that here as well.
Your answer
Please rate how social media savvy you are.
You are not required to be savvy. We are very willing to help, but since this will be a component of the program we're asking now.
What is PDX-CSA?
Portland's Community Supported Art (PDX-CSA) presents artists' proposals for art projects to the public. Pre-sales fund the creation of the new artwork and determine the number of artworks made. Collectors gain access to the creative process with insights and updates from artists and follow along as their ideas become reality.

We collaborate to sell your artwork in advance to collectors based on your project description and then you receive payment up front. This is our flipped marketing strategy—instead of the usual effort of creating work for a show without knowing how many people you can rally to see the show or buy the work, your efforts now determine how much work you’ll make, and you’ll know that every piece already has a home. Then you provide updates during your creation period to allow them insight into you and your process.

What information do we need from applying artists:
-Describe your project. Content, style, media, size, and price (within $100 - $300 range)
-Provide images to aid us in understanding your project intent.

What do require of participating artists:
-Headshot and two images of artwork representative of your project intent.
-Attend an orientation meeting; attend at least one public event; collaborate with us on a marketing plan.
-Preferred that artists write at least one blog entry about their project and complete a proof-of-concept artwork.
-After sales are over, collaborate with us on the insight content you will provide to collectors.

Summary: By the Numbers
-10 artists will be grouped by similar style or media into 5 pairs.
-Each artist will create up to 12 pieces of art in 3 months—this is fresh work in your style but conceived of for this program.
-Each piece will be priced by you between $100 and $300.
-PDX-CSA will take a 25% commission.
-You will receive 2/3 of your total payment after the sales period ends and the final 1/3 upon our receipt of your finished work.

During CSA curation, the following will be considered:

Most important:
--Quality of existing work
--Quality of project concept
--How well the project fits with another applying artist

If you have any questions or concerns contact Kristin Thiel, kristin@pdx-csa.com.

Thank you for considering applying for PDX-CSA!

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