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Covid's impact on media companies has all of us worried. Advertising has dried up, membership sales are slowing, while newsrooms are doubling down on covering the pandemic, at times putting journalists at physical and mental health risk.

The global community of media — entrepreneurs, journalists, investors, tech — needs an urgent response to this. And that's where this survey comes in.

Our goal is to get a better picture of the financial situation at media companies across the globe, so that we can all make better decisions on where to focus our efforts.

How much financial runway is left in newsrooms? How many media jobs could be lost? We're hoping to get a better picture through this poll.

This is for media organizations. The survey will take 5 mins of your time. We'll publish the findings publicly, but we'll anonymize that data (no names will be used unless we ask your explicit permission). However, we'll be briefing our media support partners privately, and may share details of this data so that they can take potentially extend help directly to you.

If you have any questions, please email us at hey@splicemedia.com.

— Alan & Rishad
Splice co-founders
Let's start with some basic info.
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Now let's move on to your financials.
My business is negatively affected by the impact of covid. *
What are your sources of revenue (select all that apply)? *
In Q1 2020, which of your revenue sources were most affected by effects associated with covid-19? *
In percentage terms, what was the estimated drop in your Q1 revenue compared with the same period last year? *
What was the drop in revenue year on year?
What is your average monthly operating cost? *
Roughly, in U.S. dollars.
What is your top monthly cost? *
Over the next three questions, we want to get a sense of your top three monthly costs. Select the area you spend most of your money on.
What is your second largest monthly cost? *
Now select the second-largest...
What is your third largest monthly cost? *
...and finally, the third-largest cost.
Based on your financial situation, how long do you expect to keep the business running at its current costs? *
What has been the biggest change you’ve made so far in adjusting for covid?
Based on your projections, do you expect to cut jobs in the next 6 months?
Clear selection
Will you drastically reduce other costs in the next 6 months? If so, which ones?
Finally, help us figure out how we can help.
How badly do you think you need help? *
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Where do you most need help in the next 3 months? *
We want to know where to concentrate our efforts.
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