Gluck Fellows Request Form 2017-2018
Site Coordinators, please submit one form per Fellow requested. List all teachers/hosts who would like this Fellow to come to their classes at your school/site. Separate requests for the same Fellow from multiple teachers/hosts will not be scheduled as quickly as a complete single request listing all teachers interested.

Requests for several back-to-back sessions on one day for multiple classes have higher priority than requests for a single session. Confirmation of Fellow presentations and all questions will go through the established Gluck Site Coordinator.
Register your interest for a Fellow with this form, and we will contact you when the Fellow is available.

Are you NEW to Gluck? Please contact the Gluck Office to set up your site - all sites must be within 20 minutes drive of UCR. Email us at to set up your site!

Fellow/Ensemble Requested
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Name of School/Site
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Grade level(s) Requested
If you are not a school, please let us know if it is Family Learning or adults, etc...
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How Many Sessions Requested?
If we could fulfill your request completely, how many sessions would you like?
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Dates / Days of Week Requested?
List as many dates/days as possible to increase chances for scheduling (eg 'any Monday in October' or 'MWF except: ...') If Fellow has not yet provided their availability, we will contact you directly when available dates are known.
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Times Possible?
List as many times as possible, or a range, to increase chances for scheduling. Please let us know about recess, lunch times.
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Last Names of Teachers Requesting the Fellow
Please give the last names of the teachers who would host the Fellow in their classroom. (eg. Smith, Jones, Bojangles)
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Notes for Scheduling
Include any information or special needs to help us schedule the Fellow (eg. SDC; 1st class will have recess in the middle; can use MPR; no projector in room, must finish by noon, 3 in one day...)
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