Blazing Swan Art Installation Application
Apply to bring your art to Blazing Swan 2020.
Art Agreement
1. I still retain ownership of the art piece after Blazing Swan event.
2. Art must be located outside of a theme camp.
3. I may need to have my art certified by an engineer.
4. I may be asked to have my art on show at other Blazing Swan events in the city.
5. I am responsible for transport of my art to and from Blazing Swan event.
6. Blazing Swan reserves the right to place your art at the event.
7. My art may be used in Blazing Swan propaganda.
8. That I must leave no trace after the event.
9. I acknowledge that if I burn my art or have any pyrotechnic or flame effects, I also need to complete a fire arts safety application.
10. I acknowledge that if my art uses AC240V, all equipment must be tag and tested. (we offer free T&T dates at the Nest).
11. I now know that Fire, Health & Safety and other useful information and application forms can be found on the Blazing Swan web site.
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I understand and agree to the Art Agreement above.
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