Volunteer sign-up form: NKQ
For a valid volunteer registration for the Nederlands Kampioenschap Quidditch, this form must be filled in before Monday November 4th at 19:00pm (UTC+1).

By filling in this form I promise to fill it in truthfully.
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Paid functions:
Paid positions include all referees and the snitch runner.
With regard to the snitch runner, we prefer a snitch runner that is also SR-certified.

HR: €10/game
AR/SR/Snitch: €2,50/game
Which functions are you certified for? *
Do you want to sign up as a Snitch Runner? *
Unpaid positions:
The unpaid positions are: Scorekeeper, timekeeper, goal referee and pitch manager. Concerning pitch manager we would like someone who is available for a full day (or both days).
Which volunteer position would you like to sign up for? *
Extra information:
As a volunteer coordinator I would like to know some extra information from you, so fill in the questions below.
How experienced are you with being a referee? *
If applicable, for which team do you want to count towards the referee standard? *
Is there a team you can be biased to? *
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