Austin LW/SSC: Far-comers meetup survey Jan-Feb 2020
Are you interested in attending the Austin LW/SSC meetup but live too far away to make the trip regularly? If so, please fill out the following survey by Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. Whichever day works best for most people, we'll designate that day as the "Far-comers meetup" so that everyone can coordinate to attend on the same day. The result will be emailed to anyone who provides their email address here, as well as posted to the public mailing list (!forum/austin-less-wrong) which is the authoritative source for information about LW/SSC events in Austin, TX.

(Last time we ran this survey there were only a few responses, so this time we're advertising the survey on LW and SSC as well as on the mailing list.)
Email address
Meetups are at 1:30pm every Saturday at the Central Market North Lamar cafe (4001 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX). How long would it take you to get to the meetup from where you live?
For each of the following Saturdays, how likely are you to attend if that date is designated as the "Far-comers Meetup"?
Unlikely to attend
Maybe will attend
Probably will attend
Jan. 11, 2020
Jan. 18
Jan. 25
Feb. 1
Feb. 8
Feb. 15
Feb. 22
Feb. 29
Clear selection
Do you have any ideas for what we should do at the meetup? What would make the trip worthwhile for you? (Is there some topic you would like to present about, or activity you would like to lead?)
Other comments
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