#ICEfreeGULC - Dean Treanor, Disinvite Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan From Serving as Keynote Speaker at Immigration Law & Policy Conference on October 7, 2019
The 16th Immigration Law & Policy Conference will be held at Georgetown Law on Monday, October 7th, 2019. The conference, organized by Georgetown Law and the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), has invited Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan to serve as the conference's keynote speaker. McAleenan is a notorious figure, who has overseen and advocated for family separation, ICE raids, and has allowed migrant adults and children to languish in filthy, unsanitary detention conditions.

****Read our full letter below or at this link (includes citations/footnotes): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vpxdhDkO1hBuxRjVfp9U_rDzVXZ7t4ii7YkV5Y5uZU0/edit?ts=5d91498c

Sign below to tell Dean Treanor that we do NOT want the man responsible for such dehumanizing, racist, and xenophobic policies to have a platform, particularly one of respect and legitimacy, here at our law school.

**Tell Dean Treanor to DISINVITE Acting Secretary McAleenan from his role as keynote speaker.** SIGN BELOW.

September 30, 2019

Re: Georgetown Law’s Invitation to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan to be the Keynote Speaker at the 16th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference

To Dean William M. Treanor,

Family separation. ICE raids. Forcing migrants from around the world to wait in Mexico for their chance at claiming asylum in the United States. These are all policies that Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan has overseen and continues to oversee. The person in charge of leading and implementing these policies has been invited as the keynote speaker at the 16th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference, held at Georgetown Law. We, the undersigned students, faculty, and community of Georgetown Law refuse to welcome the Acting Secretary to our campus. We denounce everything that the Acting Secretary stands for and we call on Georgetown Law to hold true to the values that it espouses and disinvite Acting Secretary McAleenan from speaking on our campus on Monday, October 7th, 2019.

Mr. McAleenan became the head of the Department of Homeland Security on April 8th, 2019. Since then, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has continued to implement the Trump Administration’s white nationalist-inspired, anti-immigrant agenda, unleashing an all-out war against immigrants. During Mr. McAleenan’s tenure as Acting Secretary, multiple children have died in CBP custody and have died trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico.

Mr. McAleenan’s implementation of the Trump Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy has forced tens of thousands of migrants to either wait in dangerous, life-threatening conditions in Mexico or risk their lives trying to cross into the U.S. outside a port of entry. Under the “Remain in Mexico” policy, U.S. immigration officials turned away a Honduran mother, Idalia Yamileth Herrera Hernandez and her 21-month-old son Iker Gael Cordova Herrera, when they tried to claim asylum at the border. Officials forced them to remain in Mexico to await their immigration court hearing. Just a few weeks ago, Idalia and Iker died trying to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas. There are now over 35,000 migrants waiting in Mexico, not knowing when, if ever, they will be safe.

Acting Secretary McAleenan has also overseen the numerous ICE raids that have taken place in communities across the United States, ripping families apart, and forcing immigrants and their communities to live in fear and anguish. This summer, ICE arrested nearly 700 undocumented migrants while they were at work. News cameras captured their children sobbing, not knowing when they would see their parents again.

Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan has not only overseen family separation, he has actively advocated for it. Even before his appointment as Acting Secretary, when McAleenan was the head of Customs and Border Protection, he was one of three DHS officials to recommend family separation as an official policy. Despite a federal court ruling to end family separation, the Department of Homeland Security, under McAleenan’s authority, continues to separate migrant children from their families.

In addition to all of these cruel and inhuman policies, it is also Mr. McAleenan’s Department of Homeland Security that has kept migrants in severely unsanitary conditions in detention. It is Mr. McAleenan’s Department of Homeland Security that stood before a panel of federal judges in California and declared that soap, toothbrushes, and blankets were not basic human necessities. It is Mr. McAleenan’s Department of Homeland Security that has kept children huddled together in human cages without enough for them to even sleep. Mr. McAleenan’s policies and his actions have shown him to be someone with sheer hatred and contempt towards migrants.

We, the Georgetown Law community, cannot allow a person who has overseen such dehumanizing and abominable policies to speak on our campus. Mr. McAleenan has endless platforms on which he can speak. Georgetown Law does not need to be one of them. Instead, we should take this opportunity to make a statement—that white supremacist, xenophobic, racist policies have no place on our campus nor in our country.

When the Trump Administration made it clear that it would pursue its attacks against DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) recipients, Georgetown University released a solidarity statement, in which it said: “In faith and solidarity, we ask that all staff and faculty at Georgetown University categorically support its undocumented student populations and help protect against racism, discrimination, bigotry and the realities of numerous immigration challenges, and advocate to offset federal policies that seek to penalize immigrant youth and divide students from their families. As well, we ask that the university support all its employees who may also be affected by federal policies, who are in various temporary protected status categories and whose future is also ambiguous.”

Why are we now straying from that message? Why are we categorically supporting the person responsible for the racism, discrimination, and bigotry that so many in our community have faced? Now is the time to put our words into action—do not allow Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan to espouse racism, discrimination, and bigotry on our campus.


Members of Georgetown/Georgetown Law Community

Tooba Hussain L'21
Sam Singleton-Freeman L'22
Dyllan Brown-Bramble L'21
Lily Milwit L'21
Isaac Katz L'19
Cora Metrick-Chen L'20
Sabiya Ahamed L'20
Nina Bernstein L'21
Sam Minter L'22
Jacob Demree L'22
Erum Kidwai L'22
Kalli Joslin L'22
Alex Goldstein L'22
Hibah Siddiqui L'22
Rolland Giberson L'22
Samantha Almon L'22
Flowers, Madison L'22
Michael Smith L'22
Luke Hammill L'22
Alec Williams L'22
Theodore, Salem-Mackall L'22
Augusto Cividini L'21
Sana Mesiya L'22
Ellie Persellin L'22
Clara Mora L'20
Juliana Lord L'22
Erin Griffard L'22
Leonardo Méndez L'22
John Collins L'22
Noelle Wurst L'22
Ezer Smith L'22
Daniel Berchenko L'22
Xenia lvovskaia L'22
Shiza Arshad L'22
Jeremy Penn L'21
Ashley Burke L'22
Meaza Abraham L'22
Sierra deSousa L'22
James Newhouse L'22
Lauren Lang L'22
Tamar Hoffman L'22
Nabintou Doumbia L'22
Joy Farrington L'22
Jace Jenican L'22
Clio Alioto-Morrison L'22
Richie Bernache L'21
Agnes Lee L'22
Mari Quenemoen L'21
Samantha Pepperl L'21
Dagan VanDemark L'21
Ty Pinkins L'20
Prashasti Bhatnagar L'22
Jennifer Waxman L'21
Cameron Mixon L'21
Rachel Sumption L'20
Obi Iloani L'22
Valencia Richardson L'20
Nathan Gelfand-Toutant L'22
Ben Orlebeke L'20
Scott Novak L'20
Desireé Luckey L’19
Joe Thomas L'21
Celyra Workman L'20
Michelle Endo L'20
Elana Orbuch L'21
Miranda Redzich L'20
Isaiah Sakany L'22
Austin M. Morgan L'22
Alka Paturi L'21
Grace Pezzella L'21
Karen Vincent L'21
Makobe Tabengwa L'20
Perpetua Chery L'20
Kelsie Hope Harriman L'22
Robert Hogan L'21
Georgetown Law National Lawyers' Guild
Hassan Ahmad L'21
Michael Weinberg L'21
Jessica Meltzer L'21
Annie Moody L'21
Natalie Bayer L'21
Amelia Dagen L'22
Diane Lee L'22
Justin Fitzsimmons L'21
Ryan Miller L’19
Leemah Nasrati L'21
Mariah Heinzerling L'22
Nick Devine L'21
Ambur Smith L'18
Juliana Wishne L'20
Marissa Jaime Priceman L'20
Millan Das L'20
Kelly Horan L'20
De Vann Sago L'20
Shannon Twiss L'22
James Gilmore L'20
Richa Raghute L'21
Judson Adams L'21
Nora matti L'21
Alexandria Kirchhoff Corrie L'21
Kadiata Sy L'22
Julia Mizutani L'19
Estefania McCarroll L'20
Jordan Chemtob L'21
Austin Rose L'21
Laurel Saito L'20
Rikisha Collins L'21
Delia Brennan L'20
Matthew Leiwant L'22
Myles Young L'22
Liam Barrett L'22
Rose Gilroy L'22
Lillian Zhou L'22
Zara Mahmood L'22
Will Besl L'21
Andrew Dam L'20
Luke Albi L'21
Alexandra Votaw L'21
Alex Votaw L'21
Tess Kilbane Myers L'22
Jamie Cernek L'20
Haarika Reddy L'22
Grace Stokan L'20
Sarah Jonny L'21
Christian Garramone L'18
Muslim Law Students Association
Clayton Davis LLM
Vail Kohnert-Yount Georgetown SFS ‘13, Harvard Law ‘20
Nimra Arshad LLM
Agathe Christien SFS
Thomas Petrino L'22
Kenzie Johnson L'20
Neilab Rahimzada L'20
Zachary Winkler L'20
Daniel Passon L'20
Laurie Morgan L'20
Breanna Weber L'21
Alina Pastor-Chermak L'20
Ellen Watlington L'20
Jocelyn Westray L'21
Elizabeth Crivaro L'20
Meral Kocak L'20
Asees Bhasin L'20
Josh Carson L'21
Janae Staicer L'20
Veena Bansal L'20
Salma Shitia L'21
Kathryn Randolph L'21
Emma Lux L'21
Blair Campion L'20
Reshma Baig L'20
Anna Wang L'17
Elizabeth Slattery 2017
Olivia Grob-Lipkis L'21
Sarah Nesbitt L'21
Neema Jyothiprakash L'21
Kristin Garrity Sekerci n/a
William Stroupe L’17
Tom Pandolfoo L'22
Imani Gunn L'21
Mariame Dangnokho L'21
Aleksey Pricinovskis L'21
Isaiah Jones L'20
John Farah L'22
Minahil Khan L'21
Daniel Carlen L'20
Merita Beriashi L'21
Victoria King L'21
Yaseen Islam Graduate
Carole Prietto -
Ben Welna L'23
Sadev Parikh L'22
Rachel Finn L'20
Emilia Pierce L'21
Max Crema L'20
Shade Oladetimi L'21
Carolina Redondo LLM
jenise davis L'20
Molly Sherwood L'22
Carly Lenhoff L'20
Gary L'20
Em Richardson L'22
Erin O'Sullivan L'20
Becky Raskind L'21
Sanaa Anwar N/A
Alexis Kaufman L'20
Caitlyn Cook L'21
Eleanor Newber L'22
Timothy McCormick L'17
Christina Peck L'21
Daniel Lopez LLM
Terrina LaVallee L'20
Jummy Obayanju LLM
aaron Yemane L'21
Sarah Turner L'21
Rebecca Van Voorhees L'22
Sam Rogers L'22
Michael Kareff L'21
Louis Rosenbaum L'20
Marquisha Johns L'21
Ethan Murray L'21
Lawrence Corbeille L'22
Cecilia Turchetti L'20
Julie Bessler L'20
Ali Babin L'21
Ibad Jafri L'22
Soraya Todd L'21
Tara Kohli LLM
Hannah odenthal L'21
Sherlyn Abdullah L'20
Kathryn Dowling L'20
Rachel Ramos JD17
Hana Kassem L'22
Sheena Sangal L'20
Gina Kim Sfs ‘18
Miranda Diaz L'20
Jameson Ullman L'22
Alexander Sanyshyn L'17
Hannah Wallace L'21
Aneliese Palmer L'21
Hunter Howe L'20
Bryan Jennings L'19
Grace DeNoon L'20
Danielle Robinette L'20
Thanh D. Nguyen L'20
Laura Shellum L'20
Lauren Simenauer L'20
Lindsey Dennis L’19
Grace Benton L'20
Casey Chalbeck L'20
David Chardack L'21
Andres Gonzalez L'20
Alicia Ceccanese L'19
Aarathi Das LLM
Rachel Farkas L'20
MaeAnn Dunker L'20
Charlotte Storch L'20
David Leeds L'22
Julie Rheinstrom L’17
Jennifer Pincus L'21
Lindsay Kirschner L'22
Chantae Brown L'20
Esther Galan L'20
Noah Watson L'22
Nicole Fauster L'20
Tara Wilson L'19
Evie Kallenbach L'21
Lauren Athans L'20
Airin Chen L'20
Juliette Singarella L'21
Ashley Carter L'20
Sherally Munshi Professor
Halle Edwards L'21
Eoin Whitney L'20
Alvaro M. Bedoya Faculty
Theodore Shaw LLM
Carly Loughran L'22
Anna Harty n/a
Heather Casey Librarian
Jill Morrison LLM
Milcah Zewdie L'22
Kayla Chen L'22
Andrew Pennington N/A
Amy Olivero L'22
Edward Biko Smith N/A
Michelle Liu L'13
Cecilia Bole L'22
Tara Francis LLM
Lisa Ledvora L'22
Heidi Li Feldman Faculty
Isabella Camacho-Craft NA
Jelethia Williams staff
Indivar Dutta-Gupta N/A
Daniel Cannistra Staff
Anna Selden Staff
Nick Sansone LLM
Gabrielle Rejouis L'18
Victoria Finke L'22
Julia Brucks L'22
Michael Yu L'22
Julie Metkus L'22
Nadine Kronis L'22
Tess Davey L'22
Zoe Li L'22
Jacqueline Hsia L'22
Theodore Miller L'22
Connor Kratz L'21
Eleanor Hildebrandt L'20
Ashley Collins L'22
Sheila Naughton L'22
Sara Rewand L'22
Daurie Simmons N/A
Jay Thomas L'22
Sabrina Pearce L'22
Orlando Economos L'22
Gary Peller 1980
Ellen Lawrence L'22
Rolly Giberson L'22
Kiadiata Sy L'22
Jennifer Ubiera LLM
Maggie Xu L'22
Ericka Petersen LLM
Perri Haser L'22
Odunayo Durojaye L'22
Anna Cumming L'22
Rebecca Harteker L'22
Anashua Dutta L'22
Brittany Moore L'22
John Brooks Faculty
Mary Offutt-Reagin L'22
Thomas Gooding L'22
Seth Wayne N/A
Mansi Gaur L'22
Sarah Decker L'20
Alexa Himonas L'22
Yuhan Zhang L'22
Junru Lyn L'22
David Pipkin L'22
Abby Richeman L'22
Parker Sheffy 2017
Amanda Reich N/A
Georgetown Law Students for Democratic Reform
Amanda Rodriguez L'18
Rain Tiller n/a
Laura Tatum Faculty
Alden Fletcher L'20
Michaela Frias L'20
Madeline Kelleher Staff
James Harris '11
Ramya Reddy Graduate
Madhavi Sunder Faculty
Mario R. Osorio SJD
Tanvi Dattani LLM
Wolfgang Bomgardner L'20
Matthew M. Kavanagh Faculty
Abigail Kelati L'22
Juan Pablo Perez Van Dyck LLM
Stefanie Harrelson L'20
Lisa Kessler NA
Emily McWey L'21
Drew Flood LLM
Emily Wilkinson Staff
Aileen Carr staff
Sophie Khan Staff
Julie Cohen Faculty
Jabeen Adawi LLM
Tory Valenti L'22
Allegra McLeod JD 2006
Sabrina Mapp staff
Sheila Foster faculty
Lindsey L’17
Abbe Smith Faculty
Grayson Dimick L'21
Paola Bonilla Staff
James Wigfall staff
James Lyall L07
Gary Peller 1955
Quiana Harris LLM
Nana Abrefah L'21
Emma Coleman Jordan Faculty
Tracey Zhang L'20
Matthew O'Neill LLM
Sam Ezgar JD/LLM
Michael Diamond Professor of Law
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Tammy Tran Staff
Drew Diedrich Student
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Michael Yu L'22
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Ryan Kesselring L'21

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