BHS Pride
1) What grade are you in?
2) Who is your Caps Class teacher?
Your answer
3) I feel that it is important to graduate high school.
4) I have a sense of belonging here at Broughton High School.
5) I care about the appearance of Broughton High School.
6) I believe that it is easy to find ways to “fit in” here at Broughton.
7) I am proud that my school works to end hunger locally and globally.
8) I believe it is easier to get a job if you are a Broughton student.
9) I feel that Broughton offers me numerous and satisfactory academic opportunities through the IB Program, The Academy of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Marketing, and other course offerings.
10) I feel that the community service requirements specific to Broughton makes me a better citizen, and impacts my contribution to society.
11) I feel that administrators care about all students.
12) If I have a problem, or need to talk about a life issue I feel comfortable talking with
check all that apply
13) I feel that the teachers care about the students at Broughton.
14) I feel that Broughton teachers make this school special.
15) I feel Student Services staff do their best to meet the needs of any issues I share.
16) I feel that the School Resource Officer is approchable and keeps our school safe.
17) I feel that the custodial staff does a great job keeping the school clean.
18) I believe that the mascot and the mascot's outfit should be changed.
19) I feel it is important that the whole school attends the
check all that apply
20) Transportation is an issue for attending
check all that apply
21) I feel the following are overpriced for attendance
check all that apply
22) I feel we have sufficient times for clubs to meet.
23) I am satisfied with the Hi-Times newspaper’s coverage of Broughton related items.
24) I am satisfied with the video production known as WCAP here at Broughton.
25) I feel that Broughton offers up-to-date technology that enhances my educational experience.
26) I am proud of the fact that Broughton is one of the only schools in the state that can host the graduation ceremony on campus.
27) What type of events or activities during school would you enjoy or like to see offered?
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28) What type of after school events or activities would you enjoy or like to see offered?
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29) What could be done to increase your pride in Broughton?
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