CTE Interest Survey - Electricity I/Electricity II
Electricity I/II is a course sequence in the Architecture and Construction career cluster that prepares students to develop skills in the installation, operation, and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. Students also study electrical theory and mathematical problems related to electricity, navigate the National Electrical Code Book, select and install conductors, examine lighting, communication, and power systems, and work with conduit and raceways, panel boards, switchboards, grounding systems, and generators. Successful completion of the course prepares students for apprenticeship and employment opportunities. Students will complete an appropriate industry credential as a component of the pathway.
According to the course description listed, how interested would you be in enrolling in an Electricity course? *
Electricity jobs are expected to grow between 7-15% in the state of Virginia from 2014-2024 for students with apprenticeship training and certifications. The annual median wage for professionals is $28,270.00 for electrician helpers and $48,040.00 for electricians. How interested are you in the profession described above? *
Electricity careers specialize in both entry-level and skilled positions in both construction and design/pre-construction pathways. Coursework in this program will prepare students to pursue careers as construction manager, general contractor, electrician, building code inspector, electrical engineering technician, and/or cost estimator. How interested are you in the careers described? *
What is the likelihood that you will enroll in the Electricity career pathway classes? *
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