Access needs of deafblind and deaf or blind people when choosing an eatery
The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the access needs of deafblind people, as well as people who are either deaf or blind. This will be used in a project to assess cafes and restaurants in and around Adelaide, with the end goal of putting together a directory of places that meet these access needs. If this survey is not about your own personal access needs, or the access needs of people you come into close contact with, but you are interested in learning more about the project, please visit
That page will have regular updates about how the project is going.
Which of these statements describes you?
Which forms of communication do you use in face-to-face conversations? (select all that apply)
How do you navigate a venue? (If this varies from day to day, you are welcome to select more than one option.)
When choosing what to order, how do you access the menu? (Again, if this varies, you can select more than one.)
What environmental factors would help you to communicate in a café or restaurant setting? (Select all that apply) Please include as much detail as you can think of in the text box.
What assistance do you need or find helpful from the staff? (Please provide as much detail as you can think of.)
Your answer
What things do you consider relevant when traveling to a café or restaurant? (Select all that apply)
What are your physical access requirements? (Select all that apply)
If you could look up a list of cafes and restaurants that met your access needs, do you think this would influence where you choose to eat?
Do you have any further comments or suggestions?
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