PonyFest Online 7.0 Panel Application
Thank you for your interest in PonyFest Online! Our 7.0 event will be taking place on 10/14/23. If you wish to run a panel, please fill out this form. Be as detailed as possible. Vague or sloppy applications are less likely to be accepted. Please note that by filling this form out, you are implying that YOU will be the one running the event; this form is not for suggesting that WE run a certain event.  Special consideration will given to panels that fit right in with our Halloween theme.

We require that all panelists have a Discord account and join our Discord server, which can be found here:

In order to run a panel, you must have a reliable internet connection. Experience streaming is not required but is recommended. You will need to have either OBS, XSplit, or a similar streaming software, or Zoom installed. (You will not need to create a Zoom account.) Panels will be streamed to our servers and broadcast to PFO’s Twitch and PonyTown.

Instructions for hosting your panel will be provided in advance of the event via email.

We require that no panel content exceed what would normally fall under a "PG-13" rating. Please refrain from obscene language as much as possible. Absolutely no NSFW content is allowed.

This application is NOT for musicians wishing to perform! Those are handled separately. A form for Renegade Stage signups will be opened separately.

This application will close on 08/27/23 at 11:59pm EDT.

If you have questions, please ask in the #info-desk channel on our Discord server. Thanks!
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Panel Title *
Panelist Name *
Fan name or legal name, whichever you prefer to be addressed by.
Discord Username *
No @s, continue to use #xxxx if you have not be transferred to the new username system.
Additional Panelists
One per line. Please provide their Discord usernames as well.
Preferred Public Description *
This will go on the schedule. We reserve the right to edit it slightly for style consistency.
Detailed Description of Panel Content *
This is for internal use only. Please describe your panel in as much detail as possible. What sort of format will it follow? What will it entail? Is there audience participation? The more detail, the better.
Time Required *
55 minutes (1hr) is recommended. (The final five minutes of each slot are reserved for switch-over time between panels. Please plan on your panel ending five minutes before the time actually indicated on the schedule.)
Special Programming Blocks
Based on interest, we may be running special programming blocks catering to specific audiences. If you live in Eurasia and would be interested in potentially holding your panel earlier in the day when more Europeans will be awake (before Opening Ceremonies), check the box for "Euro-Stream." If your panel focuses mainly on Cosplay/Crafting, check the box for "Cosplay Track." Checking a box does not guarantee your panel will be part of these blocks. We will only run them if there is enough interest. Skip this question if neither option applies.
Potential Schedule Conflicts
Please let us know if there are any potential HARD conflicts that could arise in the schedule, such as other panels you plan to run/participate in or prior outside commitments that can't be rescheduled (doctor's appointment, work, etc.).
Preferred Time of Day
Scheduled programming will generally run between 10:00 AM and 12:00 AM ET (or 4:00 AM to 10:00 AM GMT-4 for the Euro-Stream). We will take your timing requests into account as much as possible but can make no promises, so please try and make yourself available for as much of the day as possible.
Have you ever run a livestream before? *
Internet Upload Speed *
Please use https://www.speedtest.net/ or a similar service to test your internet speed. Enter your recorded UPLOAD speed (NOT Download speed) below. A minimum of 2.0 Mbps is required, with at least 5.0 Mbps recommended.
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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