Student Survey: Militarism, War and Our Schools
At the December 8 MAPSO Freedom School 5 hour teachers development conference on Family Separation, NJ AntiWar Agenda presented workshops on US militarism and how it contributes to family separation both in places where the US conducts warfare and domestically in recruiting youth into the armed forces. Through connecting with students and teachers at this event we learned that there is a pervasive involvement of military recruitment throughout the high schools around NJ. There was also interest among teachers and students in working together to promote opposition to US warfare among teachers and students and to make sure students who are considering joining the armed forces have all the information they need to make informed decisions, while working with administrations to provide limits to how accessible the student body is to the armed forces.
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Are you aware of military recruitment at your school?
Is there ROTC at your school?
Do you know your districts guidelines on questions about ASVAB testing, how it shares student contact information with military recruiters, whether it shares ASVAB test scores, if ASVAB test is administered and if it is required?
Would you be willing to make inquiry to find out what exactly are your districts military recruitment policies?
Would you be willing to offer counseling to students considering military options to let them know alternatives and the facts about military service?
Would you be willing to work with students at your school to help them organize critique around military recruitment and the more general issues of US warfare?
Are there any existing organizations at your school that you can approach to organize a meeting on these topics? If not would you be willing to organize a meeting?
Would you be willing interested in hearing more about Street Opera project and how it is challenging around war and other issues among youth?
Would you be willing to participate with teachers and students at your district and at other districts in an effort to counter military recruitment and US warfare?
Would you be willing to read the article at this link which has several suggestions of actions that teachers and students can take? (link)
Would you be willing to look into what resources critical of joining the armed forces are available in the school library and possibly even in the guidance office, as well as school policies regarding the setting up of an information booth to offer alternatives to military recruitment?
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