Host Site Registration: Appalachian Ohio National Public Lands Day
The 24th annual National Public Lands Day (NPLD) taking place on September 30th, 2017 is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. Through NPLD, people become more connected to public lands in their community. Participants develop a sense of pride for public lands by helping to steward them through service and participants can enjoy being outside through recreational or educational activities happening on National Public Lands Day.

In 2017, we are joining forces in an effort to hold the largest Public Lands Day event across Appalachian Ohio. Thank you for your interest in becoming a host site for the Appalachian Ohio National Public Lands Day event.

Sites in Appalachian Ohio may register through June 30th. All public lands are eligible to participate in National Public Lands Day. With permission, "Friends of" groups may also register an event on behalf of an entity who manages public land. Although NPLD is on September 30th, we are making Friday September 29th, and Sunday, October 1st available to celebrate public lands over NPLD weekend. Some groups may also choose to have multiple events scheduled to accomplish their goals.

If you have questions about registering your site, please contact Shannon Stewart at 740-767-4938 or

Learn More About National Public Lands Day (2016 Video)
Host Sites Will Receive:
- A packet with instructions on how to host a successful event at your selected site with best management practices, volunteer sign in sheet, special use permit instructions for state or federal lands
- Listing as an official NPLD site on Rural Action's webpage
- Graphics package to help promote your NPLD site online through newsletters, e-mails, and social media
- News release templates to help you promote your site to local newspapers
- News release template to let people know you are recruiting volunteers (After June 30th)
- One-day volunteer and participant coordination! We will send a list of participants expected at your site ahead of your event. You can opt out of this perk if you'd rather recruit your own volunteers.
- Instructions for follow-up and event statistics
Important Information
1. This form should take about 20 minutes to complete.

2. If you are planning to host more than one site, each participating site requires a new form.

3. Registered sites will be updated on a continual basis. Please check to make sure that another organization or group has not already selected the same site that you are registering. If your site has already been selected, we will provide contact information to put you in touch with the other group. Check here:

4. You must have permission of the managing organization or agency to hold an event. For example, events held in a State Park must have permission from the park Manager and a Special Use Permit must be completed and approved.

5. Appalachian Ohio National Public Lands Day is part of National Public Lands Day. The information you provide to us will be used on the National Public Lands Day website, for marketing purposes.

6. If you can no longer participate please contact Shannon at 740-767-4938 or

Appalachian Ohio Public Lands Day is Taking Place in Partnership With:
Buckeye Trail, Rural Action, Wayne National Forest, Ohio Stream Restore Corps, and Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Section 1: Your Event
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In the event of inclement weather, what is the plan? Will light rain cancel, or only thunderstorms? Will the event continue rain, snow, or shine? *
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Can people park at the site or do they have to carpool or walk to the site? Where should they meet?
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Some resources or tools may be available on loan from our partners to help you have a successful event. Please tell us if you would like us to follow-up with you about the possibility of borrowing any of these items. Please note: we cannot guarantee availability, but will do our best to help you have a successful event.
What type of land agency is hosting your event? *
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