HA Thompson & Sons Arena Rental Agreement (formerly Teamsters)
Complete the information below to rent ice at HA Thompson Arena
Group Name *
This is the name that will appear on the schedule for locker assignments ex. "John Doe Group"
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Contact Name (First, Last) *
Responsible party that will be agreeing to rental terms below (must be 18 years or older) ex. John Doe
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Contact Phone # *
number you can be reached at. preferably your mobile number ex. 701-555-1212
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Contact Email Address *
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Mailing Address *
Your physical mailing address, where we can send you an invoice or information.
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Rental type *
What will you be using the ice for?
Adult Supervision required for groups of skaters under the age of 18 *
Please select the option that fits your group
Additional information or requests for your rental
ex. PO numbers, requests for additional locker rooms, party room before or after rental, # of nets on the ice etc..
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Billing information (if different than contact info above)
if same as above you can skip the billing info questions below.
Billing Contact Name if different from contact above
Billing contact example: Super Duper Hockey Schools - John Doe President
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Billing Address (if different from address above)
Billing address
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Billing Email Address
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