2020 Utica Undergraduate Commencement RSVP and Regalia Order Form
Being a formal commencement, graduates who participate in the ceremony must wear full regalia. Regalia Pre-Orders should be submitted by March 20, 2020 to ensure that you will have appropriate regalia. Caps and gowns can be purchased through the college bookstore; pickup of regalia will begin on Friday, April 24, 2020. Questions regarding this purchase and pre-orders should be directed to the bookstore staff at (315) 792-7257.
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First Name, Middle Name, Last Name -- no nicknames. Include Jr/Sr/III, if you use it. Students who wish to use a preferred first name, please contact the Registrar's Office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you wish your preferred first name to also print in the commencement program, as this would require a manual override (registrar@sunypoly.edu). Note that the program will go to print on APRIL 30, 2020.
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What is your ID#? (Please include the U and zeroes - you can find your ID# on your ID card or in DegreeWorks.) *
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What is your PERSONAL (non-SUNY) e-mail address (if any)?
Note that if the Registrar's Office has any questions about degree requirements or problems regarding degree conferral, they will contact you at your SUNY Poly e-mail account. You should continue to monitor that account even after your anticipated graduation date.
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Degree Dates
May graduates: The official degree date is May 09, 2020, regardless of ceremony date. All materials and final grades must be received by Registrar before the end of business on May 30.

August 2020 graduates ONLY: Students who are graduating on August 01, 2020 must also fill out a Petition to Attend Commencement. Failure to fill out this form, and/or late submission of this form may impede your participation in the Commencement Ceremony. May graduates do NOT need to submit this form.
Link to petition form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfihEqDBVCVzmr0uCO4_2fMq2eNqssh09LeCvkj6X1WQQpqvA/viewform
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Utica Undergraduate Ceremony Information
The UTICA UNDERGRADUATE commencement ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 09, 2020 at 10am in the Wildcat Field House. Degree candidates must arrive at the CAMPUS CENTER no later than 9am to check in. We will walk from the Campus Center to the Wildcat Field House.
Guests should arrive at the Wildcat Field House before 10am; doors will be closed a few minutes before the start of the ceremony.
Each candidate will receive six (6) tickets for guests. You should make sure that your guests have their tickets before Saturday morning.
What is your primary major/program? *
If you have more than one major and you're not sure which one is primary, please check Degree Works. Whichever major is listed first is your Primary major.
Name Pronunciation
Please give a phonetic pronunciation of your name to assist the person announcing your name on stage. Examples:"Siobhan Miller" could be written as "Shove-ON MILLer""Hermione Granger" could be written as "Her-my-oh-NEE GRANGE-er""Mischa Barton" could be written as "MEE-sha BAR-ton""Shia LeBeouf" could be written as "SHY-uh LaBUFF"
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Some information will be used in the program, so please verify that all entries are accurate and entered with correct capitalization and spelling.
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