StemCell Survey
This is a survey for TurboSquid artists who have published StemCell models. If you do not currently participate in StemCell, please take this survey instead:
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What is the most difficult part of the StemCell process? *
How satisfied are you with the automatically converted outputs? *
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How helpful is the StemCell training in TurboSquid Resources?” *
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What additional training would be most helpful?
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Do you submit StemCell models with PBR metallic textures? *
If No, are you aware of the benefit of Unity and Unreal outputs if metallic maps are included?
How experienced are you with the PBR metallic workflow? *
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Are you aware you can use your SC outputs to load a Marmoset viewer on your TurboSquid product? *
What is the feature you would most like to see in StemCell?
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