12th Annual Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market Application 2019
Thank you for your interest in participating in our Farmers Market at Grove PATH
Plaza. The following information provided outlines our new policies and procedures
as well as our updated rules and regulations. If you have participated in our past
markets please take time to thoroughly read through as policies and rules for vendor
inclusion have changed. If you have questions regarding rules and regulations
please contact us.

If you are accepted into the Farmers Market you will be notified by e-mail. Your
welcome e-mail will contain your contract, specific pricing information and any
other information pertinent to your particular business.

Please review all of the following information before applying.

The Market will run Mondays and Thursdays, April 29th, 2019 to December 23rd,
2019 with the exception of Memorial Day (5/27/19), Labor Day (9/2/19) and
Thanksgiving Day (11/28/19).

*Once accepted, your fees for the first month are due within 10 days.

Please ensure that you have all of the information required below sent to us by March 1, 2019!

The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District has established the following rules and
regulations in adherence with the proposed Jersey City Farmers Market ordinance and in
accordance with the mission of the HDSID to promote economic and social progress of the City
of Jersey City in the County of Hudson and the State of NJ. Please note that as a Special Improvement District, our primary goal is to support our local businesses.

Accepted Vendor Products

1. Vegetables and Fruits
2. Flowers, herbs, plants and nursery crops
3. Nuts, seeds, and grains including those that have been processed into packaged
4. Meat and dairy items must be sold by farm or butcher or resold/distributed directly by a
farm or butcher (Exceptions are made for pre-made frozen or “Ready to Eat” foods)
5. Honey, pickles, pestos, chutneys, jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, specialty
beverages, fermented vegetables, condiments, oils, vinegars, seasonings, herb
blends and spice/produce rubs
6. Breads, cakes, pies and other savory or sweet bakery goods
7. Frozen pre-made specialty foods
8. Wool, yarns and other unprocessed animal products
9. Herbal, therapeutic and toiletry products

*For consideration of items not listed please contact the Historic Downtown Special Improvement
District with as much information about your product as possible*

Non-Accepted Vendors or Vendor Items*

1. Food Trucks
2. “Ready to Eat” foods made on site
3. Street fair like foods. IE: Cotton Candy, hot dogs, fries
4. Produced foods made in an unlicensed kitchen
5. Any items which have not been submitted to and approved by the HDSID Farmers
Market Committee

*For all intents and purposes this is to be considered an abridged list to be used
as a basic guideline for the climate of the Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market.

The Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market is pledged to achieve a balance of
This market shall reflect the following product portions:
- 55% Minimum for Farms
- 20% Maximum for Ready to Eat
- Remaining available space to be designated to Artisan Foods and Non-Food

Vendor applications and placement at the market follow this order:
1. Farms
2. Vendors with brick and mortar businesses within the Historic Downtown
Special Improvement District
3. Vendors from Jersey City
4. Non Jersey City Vendors
5. Non Food Sponsors: IE: Zip Car, Verizon, PNC
6. Non-Profits
All Vendors must be approved by the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District Farmers
Market committee. Vendors are selected solely at the discretion of this committee and may be
refused participation for any reason. The HDSID Farmers Market Committee and Market manager
may terminate a vendor’s participation at any time whereas a non-binding or nonexistent contract
permit the release of vendor obligations. In the event of termination all pre-paid monies shall be
All vendor fees must be approved by both the market manager and the HDSID Farmers Market Committee.
Additional food vendors may be solicited or accepted by the HDSID Farmers Market Committee to sell products that enhance the mission of the HDSID, at their sole discretion.

In an effort to reduce incidences at our Farmers Market, we have created a short
form of policies and procedures that must be adhered to in order to continue
participation in our Market. Please read this carefully, sign and date the bottom and
return it with all of your paperwork to begin the season.

● PLEASE BE ON TIME- Vendors should arrive on the Grove Street Plaza at 3pm to set-up
unless otherwise noted. If you will be arriving late, a phone call is expected or your space is
eligible to be forfeited.

● If you are unable to make it to the market, the market manager must be notified prior to the
start of the market. If a call is not received, you will be charged for that day and you will be
asked not to return to the market

● Vendors must provide their own tent and table in good, clean condition. All tents must be
white unless granted permission by the Market Director.

● Spots for the market change daily depending upon who is attending the market. If you would
like a guaranteed space, you may have one by paying in advance for that spot. Otherwise, we
cannot guarantee you the same spot every market day. Vendors in other locations paying higher
daily rates are already guaranteed their spot as long as payment is made on the 1st of each month.
If payment is not received for these preferred spots, the market manager reserves the right to give
the spot away without any notice.

● In the event of a rainy and windy day, the market will may be canceled. Please call the market
manager if you have any doubts whether the market will proceed.

● When a market is canceled, you may NOT come and set up and sell anyway. If the market
manager has stated that the market is canceled, it is canceled entirely. NO ONE may come set
up a tent and sell anyway.


● Anyone requiring live fire will be required to procure a fire permit from the Jersey City Fire
Department at their own expense. Permission must be granted by the HDSID Director to have live
fire at the Market.

● DO NOT plug in any food heating device or the like before getting the “ok” from the market
manager. It is likely that you will be unable to plug in these devices, so please make some
alternate arrangements for your food.

● Any time an outlet is utilized, make sure that you DO NOT break the plastic covers on them. If
there is a plastic cover, please remove it with a screwdriver. If you do not have one, please let
one of the market team know and they will remove it for you. Any plastic covers that are broken
off will be billed to the vendor in front of that outlet. NO EXCEPTIONS

● NO DRIVING ON THE BLUE STONE. If you are unable to pull into your space in the market,
you must unload at the curb and park your vehicle in the garage at Grove Pointe. Again, there
are no exceptions to this rule and any blue stone that is broken during our market will be billed to
the vendor that broke it.

● Please clean up after yourself. NO EXCEPTIONS

● If any of you have an issue with another vendor, please speak with the market manager so it
can be addressed. DO NOT take it up with them yourselves Fighting or bickering amongst
vendors is not tolerated.

Vendors must sign up and provide payment for one month. The Historic Downtown Farmers Market cannot provide a space at the market on a daily or weekly basis. You must sign up for at least a month. Choose your days and please send in payment for the month. For example, if you would like to participate on Mondays only, you must pay for all Mondays in the month you are participating in the Farmers Market.

If you are selected to participate in this season’s market you will be required to
have the following:

Liability insurance certificate naming each of the parties below:

100 C. Columbus Dr. St. Rm. 303
Jersey City, NJ 07302

The City of Jersey City
280 Grove St.
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Grove Pointe Management
100 C. Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Current Jersey City Health Department Certificate
Contact them directly:
1 Jackson Square
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Tel: 201-547-6800

$125 per day
Once accepted your 1st month is due within 10 days.

Please make checks out to HDSID, 344 Grove St. PMB#52, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

Fees for each month are due on the 1st of every month.

Payment for the first month must be received prior to the start of the market.

*Any returned check will incur a $50 additional fee and you will be asked to pay in cashier’s
check or money order for the remainder of the market. Cash is not accepted.

For additional questions please contact rachel.hdsid@gmail.com Please be sure to print
this information for your review on any and all rules, regulations and market information.

Thank you!
The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District

~Please go to www.jcdowntown.org, print/sign the vendor guidelines and mail all necessary documents before the start of the market season~
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Our market runs every Monday & Thursday from April through December. Please indicate what day you are interested in.
Please confirm you have read and accepted the terms, rules and regulations stated on the prior form. By checking this box you have accepted all terms and conditions. Failure to abide by any guidelines listed may result in immediate denial of your application or removal from the market. *
You must print, sign and mail the Vendor Guidelines along with all pertinent paperwork (Jersey City Health Permits and Certificates of Insurance) to: 344 Grove Street, PMB 52, Jersey City, NJ 07302. *
Please indicate that you accept and understand that payment must be provided for the first month by March 1. *
Please indicate that you accept and understand that by signing up to the Historic Downtown Farmer's Market you are required to pay for an entire month. We cannot provide a space at the market on a daily or weekly basis. Space is on a monthly basis. *
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