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A high level overview of your breakout group. What problem are you trying to solve? Make this simple and jargon-free. Links are good too!  Groups can either be Learning or Working.  Learning groups are meant to explore either a technology that can be leveraged for a civic project or a civic issue itself (for example, the property assessment group is an more of an exploratory phase so it would be a learning group).  Working groups are for already-formed projects that mostly require planning and execution.  More here:
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Names and contact info for the people running this group.
Who we're looking for
Describe the kinds of people who would be good for your group. Include the skills, domain knowledge and interests that will help make your project succeed.
Describe the tools that you are using
Consider your goals as a completion of the phrase: "how might we..."
For example "How might we help youth in Codman Square to find jobs that they can get to without a car.”      
And fill in:  “As a ____, I want to ____, so that I can ______.”
For example, “As a parent, I want find out about public school enrollment so that I can get my child registered for kindergarten.”
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As you are filling out this form, pause, create an account at, add your project and first post.  Then paste the url for that project here.
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Any relevant links, e.g. a github repo, demo site, etc.
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