Pathway Application - Staff Builder
Pathway Studios is looking for a self-motivated and talented individual to join our team to help create amazing content and games!

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to create amazing structures and landscapes within Minecraft using both vanilla and custom textures. They should have a keen eye for visual design, level/experience design, architecture, and building with a player's perspective in mind and can work in a team environment. Access to both Minecraft Java, and Windows 10 (for Minecraft Bedrock) is required. Experience with industry standard tools such as WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, MCEdit, WorldPainter, etc is a plus.

Duties Include:
- Working with other staff to create whole worlds including the design and creation of structures and terrain
- Building solo projects with the freedom of designing and making creative decisions
- Advising on and executing level design decisions for functional worlds such as adventure maps and minigames
- Cleaning up or completing builds and/or worlds started by other staff members or creators
- Consulting on the initial design of games and worlds

This position will be paid hourly as a for-hire contractor with the possibility of full-time employment after a probationary period. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Pathway Studios is the premier publisher of independent content on the Minecraft Marketplace. With a combined 15 years of experience helping independent creators make amazing content within Minecraft, we are one of the leading teams on the Marketplace. At Pathway Studios, we believe the people making the content should always be at the forefront. With that in mind, we have structured our business around a single tenet: we love helping creators create!

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