Client Onboarding
Welcome! It's critical that I get to know your business intimately. Your thorough answers to these questions will go a long way in helping me write brand-specific copy and high-quality content supported by relevant facts and data.

I need to know all about what makes you great so that our writing tells YOUR story, not just another tech story!
What is your company's unique selling proposition? Break out by product or service if necessary. *
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What materials can provide to inform my writing processes? (Please send them to me ASAP.) *
What resources do you rely on in your business? List any organizations or websites you keep up with for industry news, guidance, insight, etc. *
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What website pages and specific content pieces perform best for you right now, and how? (e.g., a blog post that gets the most shares or a landing page that gets the most demo sign ups.) *
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Who are the thought leaders and influencers you respect in your field? (People I might quote in articles.) *
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What terrible experiences have you had with writers in the past that you hope never happen again? *
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