Purgatorio: Memento Mode Vendor Application
For Purgatorio: Memento Mode's Vendor Showcase, we want to give you a platform to share your latest items in a way that's much more engaging and informative than just an etsy listing.

This application will close after May 15th.
Name: *
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Shop/brand name: *
Give us a short background on your brand: its origins, location, and story. *
Describe the items or collection you would like to feature: *
What kind of item(s) is it? *
What kind of promotion do you plan to host in conjunction with Purgatorio: Memento Mode? *
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Deadlines and Application Process
Once your application is accepted, our vendor coordinator will reach out to you with final steps on how to upload your promotional materials. Your materials, at minimum, should include your shop's logo, pictures of the items relating to your promotion, and a description of the kind of promotion you are running. Any additional materials, like video, are welcomed.

The deadline to submit these materials is May 31st.
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