Survey on beliefs
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? If not sure, pick whichever is closer.
Hypnosis can manipulate healthy adults into doing something strongly against their will
People who freeze their brains/bodies today using cryonics will be able to be revived with their personalities and memories intact by the year 2500
9/11 was a US government inside job
Humans will be able to travel at or faster than the speed of light by the year 2500
Vaccines cause autism
Essential oils is an effective treatment or cure for diseases
The US government secretly conducts mass surveillance on citizens by hacking into web cams and cell phone microphones
The moon landing was a hoax
Playing Mozart for sleeping infants helps improve their intelligence later on in life
An anaconda in Boston gave birth to snake babies through parthenogenesis (virgin birth) in June 2019
Magician David Blaine actually held his breath underwater for 17 minutes without cheating in 2008
Ghosts are real and exist on earth today
Area 51 contains aliens and/or alien UFOs
Viable cures for cancer and other terminal diseases are being suppressed by big pharma to maximize profit
HIV was created by the CIA
The universe contains alien species with intelligence equal or higher than our own
Acupuncture is an effective and safe treatment for pain relief
Humans will be able to teleport by the year 2500
Humans came from evolution, not intelligent design
GMO foods are more harmful to health than non-GMO foods
A Wyoming company successfully invented a free-energy (perpetual motion) generator in May 2019
Global warming is real and caused by human activities
Astrology can predict personality differences among people
Humans will be able to time travel by the year 2500
Some people today have extrasensory perception, granting them abilities like telepathy and precognition
Marijuana and other psychedelics provide net positive benefits to health and cognition
We actually live in a computer simulation
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