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By filling in this form, you're requesting a role in the LarpX / Crooked House production "All for One", which will take place from 16th-19th May 2019. This isn't a guarantee of a place. Should the production be oversubscribed, places will be allocated by lottery after casting closes on June 16th 2018.
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The name you are normally known by, please, rather than your desired role!
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Are there any players who you want to serve alongside, presuming you all make it through the lottery?
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Accessibility Requirements
Please let us know any accessibility requirements you might have.
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There are limited player spaces, which will be allocated in ballot order based on the preferences you state here. On-site, we have a number of bedrooms to allocate. If you sleep off-site, we'll provide you with a list of local options and you'll also book with them directly. IMPORTANT: If you don't tick a 'second choice' box and your preferred ticket type isn't available, you won't get a ticket.
First Choice
Second Choice
On-site (£325)
Off-site (£175)
On-site Sleeping - Double Beds
If sleeping on-site, you will be sharing a room with someone. We have a number of double-bed rooms to fill; while we could put a camp bed in the room (so each person has a separate bed), are there any other players who you'd be happy to share a double-bed with?
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On-site Sleeping - Room Sharing
If sleeping on-site, you will be sharing a room with someone. If you're not willing to share a bed, you will still be sharing a room. Do you have any preferences as to who you want to share with?
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Patron Tickets *
If you'd like to support someone else attending the event, you can become a Patron to the event. This will mean that you'll pay an extra £75, and someone else will get the chance to come who may not normally be able to afford the event, and there may be other surprises in store for you... Likewise, if you are someone who feels they can't afford the event, you can apply here for a subsidised ticket for £75 less than the normal price. A subsidy will only be available to you if enough patrons make it through the ballot. If we end up with more Patrons than booked players who'd like a subsidy, we'll allocate the additional cash to our props budget.
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