Tell the customer the following: Thank you for calling us to report the problem with your washing machine, so that I can better assist you placing a repair order for your washing machine I have to ask you the following questions, and would like to remind you that our calls might be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes, I would also want to remind you if the problem is not caused by the machine there will be a service call fee of $60 dlls
Nombre de Cliente y Telefono? *
Nombre de vendedor llenando el cuestionario? *
Have you check your fuse box and verify that the switches are not blown and that if there is power/current in the outlet where it is connected? *
2 points
In case dryer is not heating, ask if they are using the right cycle? (Example regular cycle) (Airfluff cycle is pure cold air) *
2 points
Who changed the dryer cable? *
2 points
In case the customer has changed the cable, ask if the cables are tight and put in the correct order? *
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You are sure that there is power in the outlet where the product is connected. (There must be 220v current) *
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