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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Tenth Life!
We're so glad you're here. There are just three things we need from you to get you going.

-This form is the first thing we need from you. Please complete it and we'll be in touch soon.

-Attending Volunteer Orientation is the second step. They're held once a month and we'll let you know when the next one is scheduled once we have your completed form. At orientation, you'll get to ask questions about all the opportunities we offer. You'll also get to know us and find out if we're a good fit for you.

-Your input is our final requirement. Once you've attended orientation, we'll ask you to follow up with us to let us know if you're still interested and where you'd like to start.

It really is that easy!

Please email volunteer@tenthlifecats.org anytime if you have any questions at all about this form or volunteering with us.

Tenth Life's Mission
Tenth Life Cat Rescue saves stray cats and kittens in the St. Louis area, prioritizing those with special needs.

We believe that every cat, regardless of emotional or physical limitations, deserves the chance at a fulfilling and happy life. Injuries, medical problems, or chronic conditions can often be prohibitively expensive for other organizations to handle. That's where Tenth Life comes in. To learn more about some of the cats we prioritize, watch our video below.

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