Crafting the Road Ahead
A survey for artists and craft makers by the Found Gallery.
We value all responses, and you have the option to remain anonymous if you prefer.
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Professionally speaking, last year was mostly...? *
If you are happy to discuss, did you receive any grant support related to the Coronavirus pandemic? (SEISS or ?) *
What were your main sales channels before the Co-vid pandemic? *
Which 3 are the most important sales channels for your business now? *
Are you using social media... *
What is your favourite social media platform? *
How likely are you to showcase work in galleries in the coming year? *
Very likely
In general terms, income from my practice is ... *
How optimistic are you about you about your future in the arts and crafts sector? *
Very confident
Not at all confident
What effect will Brexit have on your business? *
Little difference
Significant change
What is the single most important thing you will change this year? *
What is your biggest challenge in working with galleries? *
If you could give galleries one piece of advice what would it be? *
Would you consider exhibiting with Found? If so, please leave your details below. *
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Any other comments...? Please share any of your experiences, tips or advice...
Please leave your name and a contact email if you would like to receive our findings from the survey. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous Thank you for your time and completing the survey.
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