Congregation Beth Torah Pick-a-Party Host Information and Donation Form 2019
Our 30th anniversary Pick-a-Parties were a big hit! Let’s have some more parties to celebrate a new year, 5780, and keep building relationships.
• Are you willing to host a party? We need hosts to step up with creative, fun ideas.
• Each party will require a donation to Congregation Beth Torah as the cost for admission. We’ll set the ticket price and list the amount on each party’s description; the hosts cover any party-related costs.
• Party sign-ups will start during the High Holidays.

Thank you for considering hosting a party. Please submit the form below. If you prefer, paper forms are available in the CBT office. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS AUGUST 15, 2019.

We look forward to partying with you! Many thanks for helping build our community.

Pick-A-Party Committee: Jeff Antoniewicz, Debbie Bass, Brandi Fisher, Rachel Siegel and SueAnn Strom
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Please include details for promoting and whether the party is open to adults only, kids only or both.
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Be specific about dates and times. If you are flexible, please tell us which two or even three dates will work for you.
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e.g., 9:00 am to 1:00 pm; 9:00 am through lunch; 6:00 pm
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Addresses will not be shared broadly. They will only be provided to those signing up for your party. e.g., 7306 Rosewood Court, Prairie Village, KS
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Are you hosting on your own or joining with others? Let us know the names of all of the hosts here.
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