Registration form - Kino Queer! 2019
Welcome to a LGBTQI short film workshop in Helsinki during the 24.-26.5. weekend.

What is this?
Kino Queer! is a kino kabaret -style short film workshop organized by Euphoria Borealis ry.
We get together on Friday afternoon, everybody presents themselves and those who have an idea for a film present it. Then we form working groups and start shooting! On Sunday evening we have a premiere screening of the films.

No previous experience in filmmaking is needed, just come as you are and let the magic of the Kino take over you!

The only limitations are:
- your film can’t be longer than 7 minutes
- the films should have a clear LGTBQ+ theme
- no hateful content like racism, homo-/transphobia, misogyny etc. All Euphoria Borealis events are discrimination-free zones and we aspire to make our events safer spaces for everyone.

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