Possible Challenges to you and your family.
The purpose of this survey is to learn more about a variety of issues that affect young children (birth to age 8) and their families in Atlantic County. Survey results will inform plans to address issues that are uncovered and help direct CCYC initiatives. We appreciate your candid feedback about your experience in Atlantic County. Please note your responses are anonymous

YOUR Experience
For each item below, select number that best represents your experience or the experience of a close family member (family members who live in Atlantic County) in the past year using the following scale:
0 = Never an issue, 1 = Rarely an issue, 2 = Sometimes an issue, 3 = Often an issue, n/a = Not applicable
Access to affordable recreational facilities, parks, camps, or after-school programs.
Access to affordable high quality child care
Availability of high quality child care near home or work
Availability of high quality child care when I need it
Access to affordable housing
Unemployment, underemployment, the availability of jobs
Access to healthy food
Hunger ( food shortage)
Crime or safety issues
Discrimination ( Racial,ethnic, sexual orientation pregnacy )
Alcohol/drug abuse
Teen Pregnancy
Family Violence/Domestic Abuse/Child neglect
Literacy, trouble reading or writing
Communication in English
Access to affordable medical care
Access to mental health services
Affordable health insurance
Services/care for children with special needs ( speech, physical, occupation therapies)
Children with challenging behaviors
Lack of general parenting support or child development information
Overweight children, lack of physical activity for children
Your answer
What is our greatest concern about raising your child (-ren) and preparing for Kindergarten?
Your answer
What programs or services would benefit you and your family and /or other families you know?
Your answer
Do you have any other comments or concerns about your young child or our community?
Your answer
What zip code do you live in?
Your answer
What is your gender
What ages are the children in your home?
Your answer
For school age children, what type of after school care do/did you use.
Which category does your age fall in
What language is spoken at home?
Your answer
Your race/ethnicity?
Your answer
Highest level of education
Where does your family/household income fit?
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