Market Research - Therapist feedback Talk.It.Out.
The purpose of this brief questionnaire is to understand the interest from therapists to be part of an online community and search service that aims to better market their expertise and services to more persons in need.

Our vision is to create a streamlined, educational and effective search service to match clients to the right therapist, thoughtfully matched based on their psychological needs and various personal factors.

By using multidimensional therapist profiles, with unique and detailed content and video, therapists will gain the opportunity to attract the most aligned and well matched clients to their professional expertise and practice.

Thank you for your time, and for your thoughtful answers! And thank you for your impact in this world.

We appreciate you!
1. Do you currently market your therapy services? *
1A) If yes, how much do you pay for these services monthly/annually?
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1B) If yes, how do you market yourself?
1C) If yes, how successful are your marketing efforts? Why, or why not?
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3) Would you be willing to conduct online video-chat therapy? *
4) As a therapist would you feel excited about a tool that could better match your style of therapy and personality to a client? *
5) Do you value personal connection with your clients? *
6) Do you have a specialty/population that you prefer to work with? *
7) As a therapist have you ever found yourself in an ethical dilemma because you have not liked, on a personal level, the client you have been working with? *
7A) If yes, please expand. Do you think this could have been avoided?
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8) Would you be willing/be comfortable to put up a short video of yourself on an online profile, if you knew that is what clients would like to see? *
9) What are the main challenges you face when trying to find clients for your private practise? *
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10) What is the cost of your therapy services? Do you offer a payment plan or reduced price based on income? *
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11) Do you feel personal divulgence goes against your views and methods of therapy? For example, revealing certain traumas you have been through - to help a client identify and choose you as their therapist. *
12) If not, could you explain briefly why this is the case?
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13) Would you be willing to hop on a call with us to discuss our project in further detail and provide some valuable feedback? IF YES, please leave your email and or phone number and we will reach out to schedule a call! Thank you! *
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