Small Group Sign Up - Virtual Small Group (Identity or Ephesians)
Hey Girl!

We are SO excited you are interested in signing up for a virtual small group! If you haven't already, head over to our store ( to learn more about the different studies that are available to go through this summer. Once you have decided if you want to do Identity or Ephesians, fill out the form below.

- July 1st: Sign ups close
- July 8th: Groups are assigned
- July 16-18th: Week 1
- July 23-25: Week 2
- July 30 - August 1: Week 3
- August 6-8: Week 4
- August 13-15: Week 5 (Ephesians)

Both studies cost $15; however there is a hard copy available for the Ephesians study for $25 plus shipping. To purchase the course, please use the URL above. You will receive the downloadable content by July 8th at the latest.

If you have any questions, please reach out! We would LOVE to help get you connected this summer!

Krista Hengesh
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"A friend and I are signing up together and want to be in the same group!" Sweet! Write their name below and we will place you in the same group. *
"A group of friends and myself want to do this study together in person, can we do that?" YES! Just select the box below and we will NOT put you in a virtual small group! (skip this question if it doesn't apply to you)
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How would you explain your current relationship with the Lord? (Keep it brief, and know there is NO shame at all with how you answer this question. No matter where the Lord has you, we are SO excited you are here!) *
Are you able and willing to commit (as best as you can) to being part of a small group for 1.5 hours for the next four (Identity) or five (Ephesians) weeks?
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FOR EPHESIANS: What times work for you to be in a small group? Check as many as apply to you. *All times are in PST*
FOR IDENTITY: What times work for you to be in a small group? Check as many as apply to you. *All times are in PST* These are only later in the week to provide time for you to go through all of the week's content.
Is there anything else you want us to know or share at this time? *
Thank you so much for signing up! We are SO excited for your experience with these groups!! We will reach out by July 8th!
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