Do you have a student in the Bellevue area? Help inform Bellevue Special Needs PTA advocacy & outreach efforts by taking our survey! Information will be used to identify advocacy and parent education focus areas. Results without personally identifying details may be shared if it serves an advocacy purpose. For households with multiple students, please submit an entry for each student.
For families with students up to 21 years living within the attendance area attending any school OR attending Bellevue School District schools. Let us know about barriers you face, things that are working well!, what you'd like to learn, how you feel about the PTA's name and more.
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A few demographic questions to identify who we are reaching and who we still need to reach.
1. My student has (check all that apply):
2. My student is in
3. Other diversity measures the state tracks - both racial and others, check all that apply for your student. Info included about percentages within district in fall 2020 for reference are in parentheses.
This next section asks to identify areas, not tell a story. Your experiences matter so there's a place at the end to indicate interest in sharing your experiences.
4. Briefly, describe areas which are barriers your student faces in accessing education or services:
5. What areas or parts of the process/system are working for your student?
6. List the top topics you would like to know more about. Some examples: IEP process questions; specific topics like dyslexia, ADHD or anxiety; setting up trusts; transitioning to middle school, high school or college; options for work after public education
Our founding documents define the students we advocate for broadly - including students in Special Education (the current legal term), 504 plans and more, identified or not. "A student with special needs is any student who needs additional support, accommodations, and/or intervention in order to be successful in their social and learning environment."
7. Do you like the term "Special Needs" or do you prefer some other terminology? No single term pleases everyone but if there was a term that would help you find our PTA or clearly identify a focus on advocacy, inclusion, belonging and growth, note that as well.
Effecting change requires sharing our stories in a relatable manner and asking meaningful questions.
8. Did you know that October is Disabilities History Month in Washington? Washington State Law says, "Annually, during the month of October, each public school shall conduct or promote educational activities that provide instruction, awareness, and understanding of disability history and people with disabilities. The activities may include, but not be limited to, school assemblies or guest speaker presentations."
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9. For families with students at a public school, would you send a short friendly email asking your student's Principal what their school is doing to promote Disability History Month in the school and cc
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10. Interested in any of the following? Please check all that apply and add your email below
11. If you expressed an interest in future emails, sharing info or another topic requiring a response, write in your email so we can include you in the appropriate follow up.
12. Is there anything you would like to add?
Thank you for taking our survey! Know someone interested in making sure students are getting needed supports, accommodations and/or interventions they need? Share the survey link with them. Want to join our PTA? Visit
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