Sell Your Designs and Virtual Properties as NFTs
Hi there! We are currently on early access mode but we invite you to join our growing network of architects, designers, estate owners and realtors.

Please bear with us should there be delays in our response but we aim to get back to you in three days.

Get excited! Your work will pass through a judging process that adheres to ARKAYV's submittal guidelines. Our first few launches will be highly curated designs and hopefully, yours will be one of them!

Submitted work/property design guidelines:

1. For architects and designers: make sure your work is designed, created and owned by you.
2. For estate owners and realtors: make sure your property is unique or has heritage & cultural significance.
3. Your submittal should be created digitally with layout plans, photorealistic perspectives and a 3D file.
4. The layout plans and perspectives should be in .png extension.
5. The 3D file should be in .skp or .glb extension.
6. It must NOT be available for digital purchase elsewhere on the internet.
7. It should NOT depict hate or discrimination against any type of race, religion, and gender.
8. You consider it to be some of (if not) your best work.

Thank you for connecting with us! Our mission at ARKAYV is to empower architects, designers and realtors in creating beautiful assets for digital worlds through NFTs, propagating the metaverse with well-designed infrastructure. Know more about our purpose at

To interact with the team and the whole ARKAYV community, join our Discord server at
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1. Name *
2. Email address: *
3. Websites/portfolio/social media link (include entire URLs) *
4. Sample work or property to sell
Kindly submit 1 or more of your work/property using Google Drive or Dropbox, making sure the folder is open/accessible and that our team can view its contents. The contents should include perspectives and/or  plans/layouts (in .png extension) and a 3D file (in .skp or .glb extension). The folder and files should NOT be password protected. Please paste the link below:
5. Describe your submitted work.
What is the story behind the concept and the process in creating your work? Please mention the apps and media used to make it.
6. Please mark the box below to confirm that none of your submitted works contain any infringing or unauthorized copyrighted material/s. *
7. If you represent a firm or company, please provide a consent letter printed on your official letterhead and duly signed by your authorized signatory stating that you are allowed to conduct business at ARKAYV on behalf of the company. Kindly post below the link to the letter.
If the link is from Google Drive or Dropbox, please make sure it is open/accessible and not password protected. If you are a freelancer or the owner of the company/firm, kindly place 'N/A' in the answer box below.
8. How did your hear about ARKAYV?
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