Thank you for your interest in using The Hill for your event or gathering. The church intends to make its facilities available to community organizations as part of our outreach programs and as a participant in our community. We open our doors to a wide variety of people, groups, and their gatherings, which further the ministries of the church. However, first and foremost we are a church and a house of worship for our church members. We do not schedule meetings or events during the Sabbath, unless it is a worship service. The Church Board reserves the right to deny any individual or group the use of the church facility.

Please make sure you make your reservation in advance to have a better chance at approval.
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1. Read the policy carefully and complete the agreement.
2. Reservations will not be approved until all fees and deposits have been paid.


1. Furniture may not be moved unless approved by the Church Office Manager. If it is moved, you must return it afterwards.
2. No nails, staples or tape may be used that would mar the pews, chairs, woodwork, or walls. Any candles used must be non-drip candles.
3. No flowers are to be placed on the piano or the organ.
4. A deacon will assure that the facility is open for your reserved time.


1. Main sanctuary - seats approximately 400
2. Chapel - seats approximately 100
3. Classroom - approximately 40 (this number varies with the use of tables)
4. Parking - approximately 150 vehicles (depending on number of events happening on requested date)


1. Arrangements for audio/visual support will be made by the Office Manager after the application is completed and approved. A/V (number and type of microphones, etc.) must be specified in the application.


1. The courtyard of the The Hill is available for receptions after your service or meeting. There are no kitchen facilities, so all food and beverages must be prepared at another location.
2. It is the responsibility of the family/renter (or their designee) to make certain that the courtyard is cleaned after the reception and the landscaping in the courtyard is respected.
3. There is a kitchen at the Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy (PHAA), which is scheduled by the school and which may be used for your reception. The Church Office Manager will work with you to make arrangements for the PHAA facilities.


1. The family/renter is responsible and financially liable for any damage done to the church or the courtyard by the family/renter, the funeral home, or guests during the use of the facility.


MEMBERS: It is the privilege of The Hill to make it's facilities available to it's members without cost. In return, is it is expected that the family/applicant (or their designee) will clean the facility so that they are prepared for church service the following weekend and before the next reservation. Cleanup must be completed before sundown on Friday evening or within 24 hours of the reservation, which ever is earliest.

NON-MEMBERS:  There are the following deposits and fees for facility use and fees for personnel to help you with your service. Deposits will be returned to the family within 14 days of the date that the Church Office Manager certifies that the conditions have been met. Fees and Deposits must be turned in with application.

1. Church Sanctuary, $300 for four hours or less, plus $300 deposit
2. Youth Chapel, $150 for four hours or less, plus $150 deposit
3. Courtyard or Classroom, $100, plus $100 deposit
4. Kitchen/multi-purpose room, $150 (separate reservation with PHAA, plus $100 deposit)
5. Audio/Visual - $150 (2 people, non-refundable)
6. Deacon - $75 (1 person, non-refundable)
7. Tables and chairs, $100 deposit

1. Carpet cleaning, $250 (entire room/professional service, will be charged, if needed)
2. Repair, $35/hour, as quoted by a contractor
3. Trash/debris removal, as charged by waste management (overflowing dumpster due to event)
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Checking this box, means you understand this fee is automatic, as explained in the policy. Deacons are needed for opening/closing and setting up chairs and tables. (Free for The Hill church members. Membership will be verified.)
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If needing audio/visual equipment, you must pay the fee for personnel noted in the policy. (Free for The Hill church members. Membership will be verified)
Notes or other requests
Thank you for reading through the policy and completing the agreement. PLEASE EMAIL OFFICE@PLEASANTHILLADVENTIST.ORG ONCE THE FORM IS SUBMITTED. Fees and deposit must be received before a reservation is approved. When this reservation is approved, an email will be sent with the total due.
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