MLH Hackcon VI Speaker Submissions
Submit a proposal to run a discussion group, workshop, or give a lightning talk at MLH Hackcon VI, hosted by GitHub, on August 24-26.

We are unable to offer travel assistance beyond the shuttles to and from NYC for all attendees. However, if your speaking proposal is accepted you will receive a free ticket to attend MLH Hackcon VI which includes housing and meals. If you have already purchased a ticket to the conference, we will refund the cost to you.

E-mail us with any questions at - deadline is June 1 for submissions!

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If you have any co-presenters for your talk, please list their names and e-mail addresses here.
You only need to submit one application for your talk, even if there are multiple presenters.
As MLH Hackcon is a conference consisting primarily of Student Hackathon Organizers, we understand you might not have experience presenting at a professional conference. For this reason, we will be pairing with you to review your talk and help prepare you for an excellent session!
You do not need to have a finalized talk in order to submit your CFP, in fact we encourage you to submit even if you just have a rough idea.
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What hacker event(s) or communities do you help organize? *
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Have you ever spoken or run a session at a non-MLH Hackcon conference? If so, which events and what were your talks about? If you have a link to a video, please share that. *
We strongly encourage first-time speakers to present at MLH Hackcon events! Don't be afraid to tell us you haven't spoken before, we provide great speaker training to make sure you'll be confident and well-rehearsed before August. We just want to know what else you're passionate about and have spoken about, if that is the case.
Have you ever spoken at MLH Hackcon events before? If so, what was your talk title and which event(s) did you speak at? *
If not, that's okay too!
What type of session would your content be a good fit for? *
A workshop is an interactive training for other organizers. A lightning talk is an on-stage talk in front of the entire MLH Hackcon audience. A discussion is a facilitated topic-focused discussion group, not a talk.
What is the proposed title of your session? *
How would you describe your session to a conference attendee? *
Try to frame your description in a way that you think would get other hacker community organizers excited about being part of it and give them a taste of what they might learn by attending!
Which focus areas does your session fit into? *
Please upload your preferred headshot photo. *
Headshot photos are used for the MLH Hackcon website and other marketing opportunities. If you have multiple presenters, please upload all of your headshots together.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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