Traditional Course RFP 2019-2020
Below are the basic questions for a request for proposal for the upcoming fall or spring trade days. Please give enough detail to make sure we understand the purpose and the alignment of your course proposal to our district mission and vision.
Course Instructor *
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Email *
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Course Title *
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What building will the course be held? *
General Course Description *
Briefly describe the concept of your class and why educators would be able to use it to better their classroom experience.
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Time Frame of Course - How will you meet the 7 hours required for Professional Development? EX. Face-to-face, Hybrid (FTF/Online), or All Online. *
For Approval: Face-to-Face - Must meet for 7hrs. Must be in attendance for all. Can only miss 1 meeting or the equivalent of one hour and time must be made up. 2nd absences and the course will not count for a trade day. Hybrid (FTF/Online) must have the work equivalent and attendance equal to 7hrs. Online - Work must account for no less than 7 hours.
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Alignment to the District Mission *
How does your course proposal align with the mission statement of the district. Be very specific as this must align for approval. "Working together to personalize a rigorous standards-based learning experience". If you don't answer this, the course will not be accepted!
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What are the learning targets of your proposed course? (Purpose and Structure) *
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What are the short and long term goals for this course and it's participants? (Expectations) *
What should they be able to do immediatly in their classroom? What will they be able to do throughout the year in their classroom?
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By filling out this proposal, you are agreeing to follow the rules established for Professional Development by Indian Valley. You will need to ethically meet according to your plan and collect your accountability measures from your participants. You will then relay your information to your assigned PD facilitator at the end of your course. *
Please indicate that you have read and understand what you need to do for fulfilling your obligations as a Professional Development educator.
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