Connected Learning Study Consent Form 2018
This study is designed to understand how student learning and relationships develop in courses that employ the connected learning approach to instruction. During this study, you will be asked to participate in a phone interview about your learning experiences in ED677. The interview will be audio-recorded. I will also examine six of the assignments you complete for the course and collect data on your interactions with others online for the course.

Your participation in this study is voluntary, and you may decline to participate without penalty. If you decline to participate, we will not include data from your assignments or online participation in our study, nor will you be invited to participate in a focus group. You may also withdraw from this study at any time without any consequences. If you choose to withdraw during or after the study, your data will be destroyed. If you decide to withdraw after completing this study, you may contact the researcher.

Your agreement to participate in a focus group means that you may be disclosing personal information or other sensitive information to other participants in the group. You are asked to not share with anyone else the identity of others in this group (in other words, to maintain their anonymity), to keep confidential what people say during the focus groups, and to not share what was discussed in this meeting with anybody outside of this group Please do not write your name or other identifying information on any forms that you may be given (except this consent form). Participants in this study will be identified only by pseudonym, so all results and measurements will be confidential. All data will be stored in a locked cabinet in the researcher’s campus office or on a password-protected computer and will only be available to researcher. All data collected for this study will be kept for three years, after which the data will be destroyed.

This study involves minimal risk to participants’ physical and psychological well-being that is no greater than one would encounter in everyday life. I will make efforts to keep all information confidential, yet as we will be studying your publically shared work, there is a small risk that your identity is revealed. However, as this work is already public, the risk to you is minimal. There are no direct benefits to you for your participation in this study.

If you would like to contact the researcher to discuss this study, you may reach her by email or phone: Dr. Kira Baker-Doyle, 215-573-2113 This study has been approved by the Arcadia University Institutional Review Board (IRB). To ensure that this research continues to protect your rights and minimizes your risk, the IRB reserves the right to examine and evaluate the data and research protocols involved in this project. If you wish additional information regarding your rights in this study, you may contact the Office for the Committee for the Protection of Research Subjects at (267) 620-4111. I have read the above description of the study and my participation in it, and have had my questions and concerns addressed by the researcher. I agree to participate in this study and acknowledge that I have received a personal copy of this consent form.

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