The purpose of this form is to inform Lauren (or other communications volunteers) of upcoming projects and events specific to your ministry, and to detail your request and the time frame for its completion. When describing your communications request, please include as many details as possible. Also, when listing a "due date", please allow a reasonable amount of time before your project is due, i.e. not simply the day before you need something.

Please try to stick with the following due dates, or allow the appropriate amount of time for these requests:

Bulletin: Thursday 9am

Calendar/Website: 1 week

Design: 4-6 weeks

Church Email: 3 working days

Video: 6 weeks

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For a basic request, you may simply like to request something is made into a powerpoint slide, included in the church bulletin, church email and added to the calendar/website.

List below all the event details and any text you'd like included (i.e. include a headline or title, some text to describe the event, any relevant images or photos you'd like included, etc).

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