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You will not receive anything until your order form is completed. You will not receive anything physical unless specifically requested. This is a digital download and will be emailed to you for download or view on a mobile device in PDF format available within your Gym Firebrand App.

This is a digital download service, unique to you and not for use by others. All menus and eating Strategies will require cooking, grocery shopping, meal preparation and in most cases calorie tracking, measuring and basic mathematics.

A mobile device with the App 'My Fitness Pal' and my Training App 'Gym Firebrand by 'Trainerize' are recommended for maximal results and integration with my training protocols. Plans become more complicated as training becomes more complicated.

As a professional, I have the right to refuse to create a meal plan based on specific, outside, non-approved methods that exhibit safe dietary behaviors. Such requests, if deemed to be unsafe or outside of my scope as a Personal Fitness Trainer, may make alternative, yet appropriate suggestions.

Simple menu, simple foods, simple nutrition.
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You understand that a Meal Plan is an eating strategy, that is specifically made for you, and you only. It should not be shared or resold. Do Not make another person follow your meal plan, this could result in serious harm to another.

You understand and take full responsibility for your actions when using any Meal Plans, or Eating strategies from Gym Firebrand. You also understand that if you do not follow the Meal Plan, then you will not see results.

No member of the Staff of Gym Firebrand shall be liable for any action or determination made by the buyer or user upon purchase of this meal plan. You agree to use this Meal Plan lawfully, for personal use, to conduct healthy, favorable behavior to help achieve your fitness goals.

This agreement is contingent upon these stated facts. By signing your name below and hitting send, you agree to these terms.

If you have any immediate questions Email me immediately,
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