Get Up Rise Up direct action fund Application Form
Hi!! - we are receiving a lot of applications on stuff that we actually don't fund - this is NOT your traditional INGO/NGO/CSO charity grant - this fund is for DISRUPTIVE ACTIONS - so please make sure to carefully read the selection criteria & eligibility BEFORE filling out and submitting this form. We don't have time to mess around and neither do you, so think twice before you apply!! Thank you.

Get Up, Rise Up - direct action fund Purpose
The purpose of the Get Up, Rise Up - direct action fund is to support activists globally to shift power through nonviolent direct actions to create a more social and ecological just, healthy, and equitable world for all. While doing so the fund also seek to advance the theories, principles, methods and tactics of strategic nonviolent direct action, building from lessons at the frontlines and add these to our collective world of social movement wisdom.
This fund is a pilot over the next 6 month as we will learn as we go how to improve and hopefully expand.

1. Who should apply?
This fund is open for established groups (formal or informal), and in some cases individuals, who have been working on a specific issue or cause and are seeking funding for a direct action or a direct action tool (explained below) as part of an ongoing campaign. The fund have a clear focus on under-served, under resourced populations and communities and will in this trial period favor African groups, but not necessarily limited to that. (We actively seek to support informal movements and understand that it can often be difficult for such groups to have formal and/or legal structures, thus we do not require groups to be formally registered.)

2. You must have a campaign strategy.
The action or the action tool for which you are seeking funds should be linked to a broader campaign strategy. Applicants should explain their strategic objective, how they envision to achieve this objective, and how the action/tool serves that objective. If you’d like to know more about campaign strategy, feel free to visit the methodology section of the Beautiful Trouble toolkit. Random or ad-hoc actions that are unrelated to a larger strategy will not be given consideration.

3. We fund direct actions and direct action tools.
Request for funding must be for either a:
Direct action: At its core, direct action is about power. Smart direct action assesses power dynamics and finds a way to shift them. Read more about direct action here . Preference will be given to actions that are creative.
Direct action tool: a physical (i.e. equipment), digital (i.e. software), or skill-based (i.e. training) tool that is a prerequisite for enabling a successful direct action. Such tools must be unambiguously related to a direct action that will take place within a reasonable timeline from the date of access to such tools.

4. We prioritize underfunded areas and/or communities.
We realize that some campaigning areas and actions may, depending on local or regional context, be controversial, underfunded, risky, or otherwise under-resourced. We are committed to funding all struggles for a more just world. Systematically underfunded issue areas or constituencies are strongly encouraged to apply.

5. Your action must contribute to the Beautiful Trouble toolkit.
We do not require a traditional reporting process. However, we do expect applicants to contribute the lessons, insights, or experiences they acquire from their action/campaign to benefit the broader activist community. Contributions will be added to the Beautiful Trouble toolkit, which seeks to document, analyze, and share social movements’ best practices. It is a platform made for and by activists and social movements from all around the world.

6. Core values:
Applicants should be committed to core values, which include strategic nonviolent action, respect and dignity for all life, and promotion of justice, equality, and freedom to all. Read core values here:

7. Geographic location:
Priority will be given to applicants on the African continent. However, grants are open for any and all geographic locations where access to resources are limited and where there are opportunities for specific lessons for the broader movement or activist community.

8. Grant amount:
Grants range from $250 - $1000. In very exceptional circumstances, we may consider grants above $1000.

9. Disclaimer:
The Get Up, Rise Up - direct action fund partners and team claims no responsibility for the victories achieved, the defeats suffered, nor any unintended consequences that may arise from receiving funds from the Get Up, Rise Up - direct action fund. Take risks, but take care!.

Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis. We will review applications once a month, so please make sure to submit your application by the 5th of the month in which you want your application to be considered. We will do our best to turn requests around as fast as possible!

Successful applicants will have funds wired to them as soon as possible hereafter. We are open to suggestions on convenient or alternative platforms for this.

Recipients of the Get Up Rise Up direct action fund will report back to us within a week of doing the action. The report-back is in a simple narrative format that enables other activists draw from your lessons, insights and experiences as described in criteria 5 (above).

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