Application for STEM Campus Leadership Coach (Contract / Consultant Position)
This part-time, contracting position supports NISE certification programs by facilitating and supporting the work of campuses as they participate in the National Certificate for STEM Excellence certification program. The NISE Campus STEM Leadership coaches assume responsibility for guiding campuses through the NCSE, ensuring that they successfully complete all program requirements and have a high quality learning experience.
Support campuses as they work towards STEM Campus Certification by:
- Providing in-person and virtual professional development, mentoring, and coaching
- Facilitating the work of campuses as they complete their digital portfolios
- Reviewing and providing feedback on teacher and campus portfolio submissions
- Regularly updating NISE administration of campus progress and needs
- Master’s Degree, Doctorate Preferred
- National Certificate for STEM Teaching
(If not a current NCST graduate, completion of the NCST program is required within the first 60 days)
- Strong understanding of STEM education
- At least 1 year experience designing and delivering teacher professional development
- At least 2 years experience as a campus administrator or other educational leadership position
- At least 5 years classroom teaching experience
- Ability to conduct routine business during work hours
- Occasional travel required.
- Understanding of NISE STEM philosophy and coaching practices (training provided)
- Understanding of both the big picture and details intrinsic to school leadership and changing instruction
- Ability to create synergy, hope and enthusiasm around new campus initiatives
- Guide others in removing prioritized barriers to their STEM implementation as defined by NISE (training provided)
- Ability to initiate, drive, and sustain change by working through others
- Guide others in improving their systems and structures to support systemic, instructional change
- Develop positive, productive relationships with all levels of school personnel, ranging from support personnel, to teachers, to campus and district administrators
- Highly proficient with the Google office suite, including Google Drive and Gmail
- Able to learn and become highly proficient in the NISE Certification Platform
- Efficient and comfortable using various video-conferencing tools
- Synthesize and visibly keyboard key meeting items while simultaneously thinking with others
- Easily learn new tools and software applications as needed to better support our customers
This position is contract-based and dependent on campus certification orders. Available coaches are matched to campuses based on areas of expertise, location, and current workload.
Occasional travel to the Houston office and to the campuses may be required (less than 1x per month).
Support for one campus may require up to 10 hours per month.

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