Exploring the myth that martial art experts withhold critical knowledge from their students in order to guarantee self preservation.
Colin Wee and the JDK Traditional Taekwondo Blog at http://www.joongdokwan.com is interested to do research for an article concept dealing with myths and esoteric martial issues. This survey is for master instructors. While traditions vary, let's just say that you have practised continuously for about 20 years or more, have experience teaching students, and believe that your thinking and behaviour can be extrapolated to describe other martial artists across time. My personal belief is that sharing is excellent for the martial arts - so some questions may be loaded towards encouraging such sharing. However, I would respect your opinion if you didn't share the same belief. I wouldn't think less of you or of your organisation. Another thing to note: this survey is attempting to ask you of your opinion of this topic in present day terms. All responses will be kept anonymous. 12 questions in total - most are multiple choice, two are checklists, and one gives you opportunity to write a paragraph response. Should take no more than 8 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.
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Have you heard of the myth that martial arts experts 'of old' withhold that 1% of their knowledge, or a hidden technique from their students in order to guarantee self preservation? *
Are you an experienced martial arts instructor with about 20 years of experience or more? *
For everything that your primary instructor has taught you, would you say you now know more than you were taught?
When you teach your art, do you teach it appropriately to the student's ability in order for them to progress deliberately through your system?
When you teach your art, do you teach it with the intention to withhold key information from your student?
When you teach your art, do you provide guidance to the best of your ability in order for your student to grow to a skill level that is exceeds your own?
How does a student grow to a skill level that exceeds your own?
Hypothetically, if knowledge of your system is lost or forgotten, can it eventually be retrieved through effort?
Are you or any of your seniors taking any steps to ensure that knowledge of your system will be preserved for posterity?
Why do you want your system to be preserved?
There was a time when martial training was done behind closed doors. Systems were shrouded in secrecy because any advantage could be the difference between life and death. Do you believe there is any place for this secrecy in today's world?
A historical martial art figure has been reanimated from being frozen in a glacier. What would you say to such a person who had secrets within his system? Would you convince him to share? What would you say to him?
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