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What is a Librarian?
A librarian is a person who is trained to help you find whatever information you might be looking for. Many people have an outdated stereotype of a librarian as an unmarried middle-aged person who only cares about keeping kids away from his/her dusty old books. The truth, however, is that librarians come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages; more important, librarians today are trained in Web design, online research (believe it or not, there's far more out there besides Google and Wikipedia), networking, and the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Books are still a huge part of the job, but librarians these days know far more about technology than most people, and are taught exactly how to use it to help you find what you need. (c)

We made this rating form for us to know your perception about librarians, how they are giving you information that you need, and how they are affecting and contributing to your lifelong learning. Please complete this survey and help us improve our service, boost our confidence and grow more professionally. Thank you!

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