Birth Story
Quick Questions that will help you write out your story or help get you started. Answer these questions and we will write it up and share your story!
How was your pregnancy? Did anything memorable happen during this time?
How did you and your birth team prepare for the birth? Did you have any favorite books or videos?
What time of year was it? What was the weather like? Did it have any affect on the day?
Were you birthing when you expected? If not, were you early or late? How did the timing affect your feelings leading up to the day? Were you more than ready to have a baby, or was the whole event a surprise?
Who was there with you? How did they handle the labor process? Was there anything that your support team did that you found really helpful?
What did contractions feel like? Were they what you expected? How did you handle them?
What thoughts went through your head as you progressed through labor? Did you surprise yourself in any way as you dealt with the circumstances?
What was pushing like for you?
What was the first thing you said or thought when you saw your baby for the first time?
What was your overwhelming feeling after your baby was delivered? Relieved? Happy? In pain? Sleepy? Giddy?
What other details do you remember postbirth?
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