MercE Pantry Pet Food Assistance Application
Application for pet food assistance to residents of Taney County, Missouri. We do also help residents of Stone County, but please be aware that you will need to pick up food in Branson as we cannot travel to deliver to that area.
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Important Information
We obtain all pet food and supplies through donations and have no control over what we have in stock at any particular time. We cannot guarantee any particular brand or type of food, litter or treats. We also cannot guarantee that we will have food at the time a person applies so we reserve the right to deny any applicants for assistance. Food is distributed two times a month and must be picked up by applicants at a designated location. Applicant must be the person that picks up food unless we are otherwise notified and anyone picking up items will be required to show a form of identification. Applicants will receive an email from us advising if they will receive assistance or not. Decisions can take up 7-10 days after application is received.
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