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Thank you for attending our second public exhibition for the area around Finchley Central station. All comments shall be anonymised and will inform our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) as part of the planning application process.
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1) Following feedback received in June 2019, we have considered the capacity of the site again and are reducing the number of homes from 700 to 560. Do you support this change?
2) Our previous designs included building heights that were up to 27 storeys. We are now proposing a maximum height of 20 storeys. Do you support this change?
3) We are proposing a new station square that helps make it easier for people to enjoy the full length of the high street. Do you support this?
4) We are proposing to create a new route to the station and improve existing routes, making it easier and more pleasant for people to access the station. Do you support this?
5) We are now proposing to introduce a pocket park between the high street and Crescent Road, which will be accessible to all. Do you support this change?
6) We are proposing a reduction in commuter car parking spaces. This will help reduce congestion and improve air quality in Finchley Central. Do you support this change?
7) Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are effective in preventing overspill car parking and a traffic in surrounding streets. We are proposing a consultation on the introduction of new CPZ on local streets currently not covered. Do you support a CPZ consultation?
8) Do you think there is a lack of supply of high-quality and affordable new homes in Barnet?
9) The Council has a housing target of 3,134 homes per year. Do you agree new homes should be located in brownfield and accessible locations?
10) Which of these statements best describes your opinion about the revised proposals?
Do you have any further comments you would like us to consider?
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