Higher Ground Magazine - Processed Products Review 2020
This is the Higher Ground Magazine - PROCESSED Cannabis Products Review form, ©2019-20. This includes all cannabis products other than whole flower. See our privacy policy at http://higherground420.com/privacy-policy/ -- Thank you for participating.
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Consumer and Budtender reviews may be featured and are eligible for REWARDS. Any professional reviewing their own product or that of a competitor or affiliate should privatize this as an "other" review. Definitely useful to you, the reviewer; possibly useful in our analyses. Never featured or public.
Producer Number *
UBI (Important) - On the product label. Enter nine zeros if there is not one. (i.e. 000000000). Take a photo and share with us if possible (editor@hg420mag.com).
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Processor Number
Enter processor's identification number, or UBI, if there is one on the label.
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Enter text, e.g. Simply Stoned, Quincy Reserve, etc.; Learn about submitting images in the guide.
Retailer Name
Enter the retailer/dispensary's business name (where you obtained the product).
Retailer City
Enter the retailer/dispensary's city only (where you obtained the product). Example: Bellevue
Pesticides Disclosure *
Write what the producer has disclosed. (Examples: neem, essential oils, Clean Green Certified, etc.) If they've disclosed none, write "None". Some list a website, and others use a QR code to save precious label space.
THC (%)
Following the model of Washington State, enter Total THC here. This is the sum of all THCA (the acid form) and any active THC present in the sample. It is often listed on the label as "Total THC".
CBD (%)
Following the model of Washington State, enter Total CBD here. This is the sum of all CBDA (the acid form) and any CBD present in the sample. It is often listed on the label as "Total CBD".
Other Cannabinoids Listed
Total Cannabinoids (%)
Not a requirement, though some will include it.
Harvest Date
VERY IMPORTANT FOR CONSUMERS TO KNOW HOW OLD THE PRODUCT IS; Should be printed on the package label, but not a requirement for this survey. Leave blank if no harvest date present.
Lot Designation
Write in the traceable lot or batch number on the label. Some states may not have this yet.
Other Date
If printed on the label; not required. Examples: Packaged date, Cured date; Manufacture date; Distilled date, etc.
Package Light Protection *
Rate the package for how well it protects the product from light damage.
Package Appeal *
Rate the package for inventiveness, attractiveness, art, name, design, materials, everything.
Highly Appealing
Package Compostability *
Rate the package for ease of composting. How much of the package MUST go to the landfill?
Package Reuse *
Rate the package for ease of recycling or other reuse. OUR PLANET IS IMPORTANT: Please give a rating of 5 only if the package is Reusable, Collectible or Attractive and begging for a spot in your home or collection for life (5). Middle ratings are up to you: Could stickers be made easier to remove before composting? Perhaps they could be attached another way. (4 to 1) Plastic doob tubes, as small pieces, deserve a rating of 1 because they recycle so very poorly. They only get re-used if YOU re-use them. (1); And finally - Non-recyclable, seldom re-used plastics, such as large or small zips, small plastic jars, plastic bags, etc. (0) You be the judge; if you feel this package is destined for the landfill without another use, please give it a zero.
Highly Reusable
Product/Strain Specifics (Blue Dream, etc.) *
If no strain is specified, indicate "none". For edibles, identify the specific product by descriptive name. Non-trademarked names are better (e.g. dark chocolate truffle, boysenberry-flavored fruit gels, sour mango mints, orange-berry soda, etc.), but we know sometimes trade names for products like "Galacti-Cola" must be used.
Package Type
Take a photo and share with us if possible. Send to: editor@hg420mag.com (see the guide).
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Package Size (grams)
Package Price (USD)
Enter digits without a dollar sign (e.g. 18.47). For Budtender reviews of TRIAL products, enter 0. Take a photo and share with us if you like. Send to editor@hg420mag.com (see the guide).
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